Step 2 – Do A Seed Launch To Your Existing Prospects And Customers

Once you’ve surveyed your audience and asked them how you can help them the most, it’s time to start planning the creation and sale of your product.

And a Seed Launch is a way you can get paid for your new product BEFORE you have even started creating it.

Here’s how to go about that.

  • Develop an initial plan for the content you’ll be sharing in your new course. The best way to deliver this content is through 4 to 6 live weekly webinars or teleseminars, because you can get live feedback each week on what else people want to know, and what to share next.
  • Create the first week’s content completely so you have a plan for the first webinar. Schedule all of the webinars in your calendar and create any ancillary documents you need to help your students learn and internalise what they will be learning.
  • Create a sales page or sales video to offer your new product to your audience. Explain what people will get, but more importantly, your goal to to show the transformation people will experience from attending your new program.
  • Make an irresistible offer, and highlight the fact people are getting the new program at a lower price than people will pay in the future because you know it won’t be perfect, and once it’s all packaged up and polished the price will be much higher.
  • Also let them know they will have live access to you, and they will be helping you create the content which gives them more ‘ownership’ of the process, and makes the offer of getting in on the launch even more compelling.
  • Run your first weekly webinar training, and survey your students at the end asking them what questions they have, and what else they’d like to learn. Answer their questions and teach the stuff they want to know about the previous week’s lesson first during the second week, then teach the second week’s content.
  • Survey students after every weekly webinar lesson, so you can firm up the course content for future students, and help your current students as much as possible.
  • At the end of your programmed weekly webinars, hold a BONUS Q&A webinar to answer any lingering questions your students may have.
  • Polish then content up and package it all up in a member’s area, and you’re ready for the next step – a big product launch. We’ll talk about the steps you’ll go through to make your product launch a raging success in the next message.

Couple of final Seed Launch notes:

Add bonuses such as Cheat Sheets, MP3 Audios, Transcripts and a Facebook Community to your Seed Launch offer to increase the value and make it much easier to sell.


If you happened upon this page from a search engine or by following a link from a friend, I don’t want your education on how to create profitable product launches to end there.

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