Step 3 – Take What You’ve Learned And Do A Full Product Launch

Now you’ve completed your Seed Launch and you’ve got your new product ready to go, it’s time to do a full product launch.

Actually, it’s time to do the first of TWO full product launches:

Launch Type #1 – An Internal Launch to your own list to test your systems and processes.

It’s much easier to sort out any potential problems when you are dealing with your own audience instead of when you’ve got joint venture partners and hundreds or thousands of people who don’t know you watching you.

Here’s the steps involved in running an Internal Launch

Step 1: Create and publish your Sideways Sales Letter

Create a series of Prelaunch Content (PLC) that provides value:

PLC1 – Shows the opportunity in the marketplace that your product or service helps customers tap into.

PLC2 – Shows the transformation your customers will experience when they use your product or service.

PLC3 – Gives potential customers a taste of the ownership experience that comes when they have purchased your product.

Most PLC is created using video, but you can use a sequence of email messages or blog posts, or other types of content you like for your Launch Content.

Step 2: Email your email list sending them to your Prelaunch Content over a period of 7 to 10 days. Post information about and links to your PLC to your social media channels as well, and ask your audience to share it with their friends.

Step 3: Release your Sales Video and start taking orders through your shopping cart. Keep the cart open for anything from 3 to 7 days, close the cart, and celebrate your successful launch.

Of course, there are a lot of nuances and moving parts involved, but this gives you a big-picture overview of how to run an Internal launch for your business.

If you’d like to get more of the details and learn from the creator of the Product Launch Formula himself, check out these videos from Jeff Walker.


If you happened upon this page from a search engine or by following a link from a friend, I don’t want your education on how to create profitable product launches to end there.

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