Here's How To Put Cash In The Bank Today (For When You Don't Have Time For A Launch)

As you know, planning and running a Product Launch can take a lot of time, energy and skill, and sometimes we just want to make a bunch of sales quickly without having to run a full Launch.

For those times when you’d just like to generate quick sales without the whole Product Launch dog and pony show, I’d like to share a simple marketing plan you can use every week and you can get your hands on it today for under a hundred bucks.

All you need is a simple Google Doc you'll be able to quickly throw together in an hour total. The template you'll be using has proven to work for products ranging from $100 to $1,000 or even more in every market it’s been tested in.

Once you know the formula you'll be able to pump out one of these Bad Boys super quick using the exact 2 Page format we've been using to make sales day in day out. 

Plus you'll see how easy it is to drive tons of people to your Google Doc using simple Posts or Emails. As an example, the first message you'll be using has only 2 sentences, the second one has 7 sentences and the last one is only ONE WORD!

You'll also have a way to get all the traffic and leads you’ll likely ever need without paying Google, Facebook or any other platform by tapping into the raging content creator and influencer traffic rivers available for the asking.

Plus you could be banking up to 50% commissions running 2 Pager Campaigns for OTHER PEOPLE, and you'll learn why NOT having a huge audience may actually help you make MORE money doing it for others.

The great thing about using these quick promotions is you can run one every week and your audience will LOVE you because you will be truly helping them solve their biggest problems.

If you’d like to get all the details on how to create these simple 2-page Google Docs that can bring in a flood of sales on demand, you can get all the details on this page.