Five Simple Ideas for Building A Passionate Tribe

If you want to use Product Launch Formula to build a thriving business,  then one of the most powerful strategies is to build a tribe around a common theme or idea that a group of people are irrationally passionate about.

[Tribe: Noun] A passionate community of people who are loyal, will help with word-of-mouth marketing, and can be very profitable.

Seth Godin is probably the most famous proponent of building a tribe (he wrote the book in it LOL)

And I remember hearing Gary Vaynerchuk saying several years ago to stop building email databases, and start building communities.

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So how do you build and grow your own tribe, even if you are in a ‘boring’ business that few people are passionate about?

Here are 5 ideas that will help you to start growing your own community…

  1. Connect A Group Of People Around A Common Interest

Sometimes tribe builders make the mistake of trying to build a community strictly around their brand.

That can work if you’re Apple, Harley Davidson or BMW. But if you want to get established in a niche, then you need to build the tribe around a common purpose, passion or a common interest.

Take some time to think about what your community will do for your members – and then build your tribe around that common theme or benefit. For example:

  • A natural health practitioner, clinic or medical specialist could build a tribe that supports people in dealing with a common problem such as chronic pain or a debilitating disease
  • An electronics retailer, SAAS service provider or IT consultancy could build a tribe where members share the hottest tech innovations and trends with other early adopters
  • A gym, supplements store or personal trainer could build a tribe where members help each other to reach a specific goal, like lose weight using cardio or paleo, or run a marathon

You get the point. Pick a purpose that is in some way related to the products and services you sell, and then build a community around that purpose.

  1. Strive To Make Tribe Members Feel Special

You want your community to feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves, something special. These ideas will help:

  • Give your tribe members a name. For example, Oprah Winfrey calls members of her spiritual group “Super Soulers.”
  • Point members towards a cause. Make members feel important by pointing them towards ways they can help a cause that’s related to your business. For example, if you cater to dog lovers, then point them towards a relief fund that’s designed to help dogs displaced by a natural disaster.
  • Offer tribe members exclusive and valuable items. This includes both free and exclusive content, tribe member-only offers, and discounts on your products and services.
  • Consider sending tribe members a welcome package or regular cool stuff via the mail. Anything arriving in the mail will make them feel special – but a “membership card” will really make them feel like part of your tribe.
  1. Ask Your Tribe Members To Invite Others

Asking your members to invite their family and friends creates a feeling of exclusivity if your community is “by invitation only” at the beginning. But what’s more, it also ensures the “charter” members of your community are like-minded individuals who will help each other and get along well together.

This also applies to inviting your JV partners and affiliates to invite their friends in anticipation of your upcoming Product Launch. Look after everyone well, and your business is well on it’s way to success.

  1. Create A Special Gathering Spot

You want this to be a place where you and your members can interact with one another.  One easy way to do this is by creating a private Facebook Group. The advantage is that most of your tribe are probably already on Facebook, so there are no additional logins to remember (which would be the case if you set up a forum or membership site on your own domain).

  1. Be Active And Guide Your People

Every tribe needs a leader, and you’re that leader. But you can’t make a connection with your community if you’re not present. So be sure to make a point of engaging with your audience every day via your Facebook Group or inside any other gathering spot you create for them.

The more you interact and give of yourself, the more bonded your tribe will become to you. That can only be a good thing when it comes to growing your business.

To Sum Up…

Building a tribe around your product or service doesn’t need to be complicated, but you do need to be consistent. So put these ideas to work and start building your own loyal, engaged tribe of people who will be excited to participate in your Product Launches and special promotions.

If you do this correctly, you’re sure to see your authority increase and the relationships you have with your prospects grow in a positive way, which can only help to increase your product launch profits.

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