Even If You Have NO list And NO Product, Creating A Profitable Launch Is NO Problem

If you’ve been worried about starting a business but you have no product or no email list to launch it to, then there is hope by creating a profitable launch using the PLF process.

Jeff Walker (the guy who invented the online product launch) has released the latest version of his video training on how to create a “Seed launch”… and how you can use a Seed Launch to create an new business from scratch – starting with no list and no product.

You can check the video out here.

He also shows you how he used “Launch Stacking” to go from a sty-at-home-dad (with $400 per year in disposable income) to his first million dollars in sales. It’s a really inspiring story.

And the amazing thing is this strategy will work with almost ANY type of business.

This video is all pure content… the only “catch” is you need to opt-in to get it, but make sure you do – it’s totally worth it.)

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P.S. This is actually part of a full-out “Launch Workshop” that Jeff is putting on for free right now. You can get the entire Workshop for free at this link.