How To Use An Internal Product Launch Step By Step

An Internal Product Launch is great if you have an existing business and you would like a quick injection of cash while growing your relationship with your prospects ad customers.

It’s the logical next step after you’ve finished your Seed Launch and your product is ready to be promoted to a wider audience.

Or you can learn more about creating a Seed Launch here.

You can use an Internal Product Launch to:

  • Launch a new product or service to your existing database
  • Re-launch an existing product or business to generate a windfall of new sales
  • Launch a new business or line extension quickly instead of taking the slow, painful and expensive path of trying to grow

The Internal Product Launch Quick Steps

Step 1: Create and publish your Sideways Sales Letter

Create a series of Prelaunch Content (PLC) that provides value:

PLC1 – Shows the Opportunity

PLC2 – Paints the Transformation

PLC3 – Gives the Ownership Experience

Most PLC is created with video, but you don’t have to do video. You could use email or blog posts or other types of content.

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Step 2: Email your list sending them to your Prelaunch Content

Use a sequence of email messages to share your valuable Pre Launch Content with your subscribers (as discussed in the Product Launch Blueprint).

Also post about your PLC to your social media channels so you get the maximum exposure.

Step 3: Release your Sales Video and start taking orders

This is the fun part. Create a sales video that shares the details of your program and makes what Jeff Walker calls a ‘Crushing Offer’.

A Crushing Offer is one where it’s easier for people to say YES to what you are selling than no.

Some components of a Crushing Offer might include:

  • Immediate access to the entire training program which includes video, audio and PDF transcripts
  • Checklists, Cheat Sheets, Calculators, Mind Maps and other tools to help students get the most value from the training
  • One on one calls with you or somebody on your team (this might be in the platinum package only)
  • A Private Mastermind group (on LinkedIn, Facebook or inside a community such as New Kajabi)
  • Regular live calls with you or a team member to have additional training and student’s questions answered
  • A rock-solid guarantee that removes the risk from the student and puts it all on you to deliver the results you’ve promised

There are plenty of other options for making your offer irresistible. If you’d like my advice on coming up with a Crushing, irresistible offer for your product or service, feel free to get in touch.

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