Here’s How The Creator Of The Online Product Launch Is Breaking Records With His Latest Launch

One of the fastest and easiest ways to quickly grow your sales is to swipe an idea or strategy that’s already working for somebody else, and use it for inspiration and a framework to create something similar.

In 2007, I purchased what was then a brand new product called Product Launch Formula (or PLF as it’s become known).

PLF teaches you the science and strategy behind creating product launches that generate lots of sales, while serving your customers, and building a much bigger email database of people who will buy from you in the future.

Whenever Jeff starts the pre-launch for his annual release of PLF, he uses a range of powerful techniques to generate more targeted options (and eventually sales) that you can also use in your marketing or your own product launch.

The first innovation is a new version of optin lead segmentation where Jeff segments people into a number of different groups AFTER you’ve entered your email address, but before you are taking to what Jeff calls the Concierge Page.

Those groups are:

1 – People who are just starting out

2 – People who already have an online business they’d like to grow

3 – People who have an offline business, or who work mostly with clients 1 on 1

When you’ve selected the category that best describes you, you click ‘Continue’ and you are taken directly to the Concierge Page where you’ll watch a video where Jeff gives you an outline what’s going to happen next.

Every part of this process is scientifically designed to move people step by step through the optin process using micro-commitments. One change from last year is you are asked for your email address BEFORE you self-select your user experience.

I’d imagine that based on what I’ve learned from Ryan Levesque (who pioneered this technique with his Survey Funnel Formula and more recently his Ask Method – (If you like, you can see how Ryan’s using it here) a lot of the increase in subscriber numbers Jeff saw during this launch can be attributed to this simple but powerful micro-commitment-optin process.

It’s so powerful because by segmenting leads BEFORE they join your email database, you literally CAN give people customised training (and a customised sales message) instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach that is always going to result in lower conversions.

The other powerfully cool thing about segmenting people during the optin process is that they email messages they receive are precisely targeted to their needs. The “Just starting out” people get messages related to just starting out. The “coaches and consultants” get messages targeted to them.

The links all end up going to the same content, but Jeff is Pre-Framing the content of those videos to personalise the experience for each type of viewer. The power of this can’t be overstated. It can literally double the number of people who see your pre-launch content, and the more people who follow you through the launch, the more sales you are likely to make.

Jeff then follows the proven PLF 3 educational lesson format released over a period of a week or so, however for the 2019 Product Launch Masterclass, the lessons were all presented through live online training, with the chance for viewers to ask questions and get personal feedback from Jeff himself.

At the end of the launch content, there was a sales video that highlighted the benefits of joining the PLF program, with an invitation to join. You can learn a great deal about how to do your own product launch through Jeff’s training videos, but honestly, there is so much more happening behind the scenes that you only learn as a member of the full course.

Since 2007, Product Launch Formula has been upgraded and re-released each year, and it keeps getting better every time. And it’s been proven to work for thousands of business owners in just about every market you can imagine

That’s why it is probably a good idea for you to register for the waiting list for Jeff’s next PLF launch and watch how he does it. The free training you’ll get from watching how the creator of the online product launch ‘launches’ his flagship product will give you ideas you can ‘swipe and deploy’ in your own business, even if you never purchase the full PLF program.

And make sure you download all of the worksheets and checklists you’ll be given, and take screen shots of the key pages and make notes about how he goes through the process. These are all wonderful examples you can model for yourself.

Another way to learn how a bunch of other people have used Jeff’s formula to launch their own products or businesses is by watching the Case Studies.

On that page you’ll find 11 different Case Studies from people in a diverse range of businesses and personal situations, who all followed through on the PLF plan and did very well. If you’d like to see how others have done it you can watch the Case Study videos here.

One other video you might want to watch is Jeff’s ‘Open Cart’ video where he shares some of the most important stuff he’s learned about building desire and scarcity at the pointy end of your launch.

The cart open phase is literally where the rubber meets the road. All the work you’ve done up to that point is wasted if you don’t pull it off correctly. That’s why this video will probably be very instructive for you.

But the main thing is that you go here and register for Jeff Walker’s next PLF launch so you don’t miss out on any of the training and knowledge he shares throughout the process.

You will be watching one of the top marketers in the world doing what he does best, and you will learn a LOT from him.

I really hope this helps you with your business,


Rocky Tapscott


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