Advanced Email Marketing Tactics

In this Product Launch Strategy post, we’re going to look at why lots of people tend to struggle to build a highly profitable email list, and what you can do to make make more money from your email marketing.

It seems that consistently making money with email is a problem that practically everyone has. The thing is, there are a couple of simple email tweaks you can use to turn virtually any list of non-buyer readers into a profitable resource loaded with people who know, like and trust you. And when you have that, you can generate money whenever you want to send a message.

If you haven’t started using using email to build a relationship with your readers or make sales to your customers, the most important thing for you to do is to get started. One of the most valuable assets you have is a receptive list of prospects and customers.

These two List Building Rules can make your email marketing a lot more profitable.

Email Marketing Rule #1 – Treat Your Readers Like Friends

Growing an email list of people who respond to you when you send a message begins with the mindset of treating your customers like you would your family and best friends.

Frank Kern calls his email lists “The Mysterious Stranger”, because even though he doesn’t personally know most of his readers individually, the folks on his lists are the people who pay for his millionaire lifestyle. Think about that for a minute, then do whatever it takes to start to growing a list full of people who know, like and trust you.

Working on building a connection with each person on your list has a whole lot of benefits, both for you and your audience. When you give your readers strategies and guidance that actually HELPS them, regardless of whether they pay for anything from you or not, you set yourself up to be rewarded in a lot of other ways.

And when you approach people with an attitude of service like this, you’ll have the ability to do very well from a list of an only a few thousand men and women.

So I guess the big question is how do you develop a list of people like that? The best way is to work out exactly what your target market is starving for – what are the problems keeping them awake at night? What headaches do they have that they’d happily spend money on to be rid of?

Email Marketing Rule #2 – Help People First

When you work out exactly what problems your readers would really like to solve, give them the ideas or resources they need to take the first few steps towards finding a solution. Once you’ve helped them to get started moving towards where they want to be, they’re going to count on you way more than they did when they initially signed up to join your list.

When they trust you and can see you are there to help them, you can start offering them products or services that help them get the rest of the way to the solution they are looking for.

Using email marketing isn’t just bombarding your list and pitching one product after another every few days. That used to work in the old days (like 5 years ago), but it’s just about done for now because people are sick of it and don’t respond like they used to.

You should be ‘touching’ your readers on a regular basis with interesting, helpful content, and sprinkle in offers a couple of times a month using short email sequences to get the best results.

Some Final Thoughts On Email Marketing

If you write to your readers like they are your best friends, they’re going to anticipate and look forward to hearing from you. And if you simply use what I’ve just shared with you and DO it, you’re going to make more money from your email marketing, because your readers will buy more of the stuff you promote.

And always bear in mind what Frank Kern calls The Mysterious Stranger – those people could help you make a whole bunch of extra money if you treat them well, just like they have for thousands of other people.

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If you can use email marketing correctly, both before and after your initial launch, you can create a long-term, sustainable business for yourself and your family that will allow you to prosper for many years to come. To learn more, check out Jeff Walker’s free Product Launch Masterclass here.

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