4 More Ways To Create Profitable Products To Launch To Your Audience

In this previous post, we talked about 4 easy ways to have other people help you create products you can launch using Product Launch Formula. In this post we’ll look at several more options for creating high value products quickly with very little work

Last time we discussed having somebody interview you and record it, but an additional way to create a product quickly is for you to interview another expert in your field.

Just as with the previous example, you can either interview this person privately, or you can do it via a live teleconference with other people listening in.

Either way, you’ll have the recordings and transcript to sell using a product launch, or to give away in whole or in part.

Tip: You can create a joint venture where you “swap” interviews with your partner. That means you interview your partner, and in exchange he or she interviews you.

After a couple of hours on the phone, you will have created two separate products that you can both sell to your audiences.

The key to creating a great end product is to ensure you’ve done the right preparation upfront.

You’ll want to give your JV partner an outline that lets them know the general flow of the call, as well as examples of the types of questions you might ask.

However, you should not script the call. Don’t give your partner the exact outline with the exact questions you intend to ask.

And be sure your partner knows that any outline you provide is merely a rough outline, otherwise both of you will sound unnatural and robotic as the interview progresses, which will significantly devalue your finished products.

The point is that you’ll want to prepare your partner so that they know what to expect. If they know what to expect, they’ll be more comfortable during the call. This preparation is especially important if you’re working with someone who doesn’t usually do interviews.

Here are two more tips for creating a great interview:

1 – Talk to your partner beforehand. If you don’t know each other that well (or at all), it’s a good idea to chat on the phone for a while the day before. You’ll feel more comfortable with each other, which will make your phone interview go a lot more smoothly.

2 – Send out reminders to your partner. It’s up to you to make sure your partner has all the information they need about the call, such as the exact time, date and the phone number they needs to dial if it’s a conference call.

You’ll want to provide this information immediately, then send a reminder a few days before the call, and a final reminder within 24 hours of the call. Your intervene is likely to be busy, so you need to make sure they give your interview the priority it needs.

Idea 6. Invite A Panel of Experts To Join A Teleseminar

We’ve just talked about creating a teleseminar by interviewing one person, but you can take this idea even further by putting together a panel of experts and create a 60 to 90 minute teleseminar.

Once again, you not only have the live call to sell as a product (with inbuilt scarcity since it has a fixed deadline), you’ll also get to sell the recordings when the call is over.

This is one case where “the more, the merrier” does not apply.

If you invite too many experts, then some people on your panel won’t get a chance to talk. Or even worse, the call could end up becoming a chaotic shambles because everyone will try to talk over one another. That’s why it’s a good idea to limit your panel to roughly three experts.

The key to coming up with a great panel is to create some diversity. That means you’ll want to pull together a group of experts who’re likely to disagree with each other on some points.

We’re not talking about them getting into heated arguments here, but rather enough disagreement to create a lively debate.

Example: Let’s suppose you’re creating a panel of experts to talk about losing Weight. You might invite these experts:

  • Somebody from a group such as Weight Watchers. This person would likely focus on the benefits of consistent portion control as the secret to losing weight.
  • A low-carb expert who would focus on offering dieting tips that revolve around eating low-carb foods.
  • A bodybuilder who would talk about the importance of eating a “clean,” balanced diet, plus doing regular cardio and weight lifting to build lean muscle.

The slightly different viewpoints would no doubt generate some good discussion around the topic, without the participants coming to blows.

So what happens if you have more than three experts that you’d like to get on the phone with you?

Simple – you just use this next product-creation idea…

Idea 7. Create a Call Series

Your product doesn’t need to consist of just one call. Instead, you can create a product with a higher perceived value by creating a series of calls.

This series can consist of:

  • Individual experts who you interview
  • Having other experts interview you
  • Interviews with a panel of experts
  • Or a mix of interviews with individuals and panels

In order to sell a series of calls as one product, the calls need to be tightly related.

Example: Let’s say you invite six traffic-generation experts for six individual interviews. You might have:

  • Someone who’s an expert with social media
  • A SEO (search engine optimization) expert
  • An expert blogging expert
  • A JV manager or affiliate marketing expert
  • A content marketing expert
  • An expert in getting free publicity

You can do hold call a week for a 6-week call series called “Six Secrets To Profitable Marketing” or “6 Weeks To A More Profitable Business” or “6 Ways to Quickly Grow Your Sales And Profits”.

So as you can see, there are a variety of ways for you to create text, audio and video products and even hold profitable live events with your JV partners.

In some cases – such as with live events – you can even turn one product into two products (the live event and the recordings).

Of course, having a product is one thing. Getting it to market in the fastest and most profitable way is something else entirely.

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