How To Build Your Product Launch Email List Step By Step

No matter what type of product or service you’re going to be using a product launch for, one thing you need to be doing is building a product launch email list. That’s because an email database is one of the most valuable assets you can have.

Even if every one of your traffic sources dried up overnight, you’d still be okay as long as you had your list. And even if your products somehow disappeared off the face of the earth, you could still make money by selling other people’s stuff as long as you had your email list. So the point is, list building should be a top priority for you.

That’s why I’ve create this checklist so you can be sure you have all the right pieces in place. Take a look…

First Up You’ll Need An Enticing Lead Magnet

A great lead magnet could be an ebook, video, app, ecourse or anything else that has the following characteristics:

  • It’s easy to deliver. (It would typically be a digital download that you deliver automatically through your autoresponder)
  • It’s something your prospects really want. (Hint: do your market research to find out what problem people in your niche really want to solve and give them the solution)
  • It has a high perceived value
  • It solves a specific problem (it’s not a bunch of general ‘tips’ but something actionable people can get a result from)
  • It sells something else on the backend (such as your front end product)

You can learn more about lead magnets here

Develop A Compelling Optin Page

Even though your lead magnet is free, people aren’t going to knock down your door to claim it unless you show them it has a lot of value. That’s why you need to create a lead or optin page that persuades people to fill in your opt-in form to grab it. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Be sure your lead page looks polished and professional
  • Lead with your product’s main benefits and the results people will get from consuming it
  • Arouse your prospect’s curiosity about the lead magnet if possible. (With the idea being that the only way to satisfy their curiosity is by opting in and getting the lead magnet)
  • Use a specific call to action to get people opting in (EG – Enter your email address into the form below below to grab your copy)

Personally, I use LeadPages and love them, but there are plenty of alternatives these days.

One more thing before we move on: Being to create irresistible offers is so important to the success of your list building campaign and ultimately your launch that I’ve put together a Free Cheat Sheet that shows you how to create the perfect offer.

If you can make irresistible offers at both the lead generation stage and for your product or service itself, your launch should absolutely crush it. To make sure you don’t miss anything as you develop your offers, click here to grab your Free copy of The Perfect Offer Cheatsheet

Choose A Reputable Autoresponder

Steer away from using ‘free’ or seemingly low-cost autoresponders or services without a proven track record over many years. Go with well-established services such as,, and similar.

Create An Initial Autoresponder Sequence

Generally, this multi-part sequence should introduce you to new prospects, let them know what to expect from you, bond with them and ultimately promote your front-end or ‘tripwire’ product. Keep these tips in mind:

    • Offer an informational sequence that’s useful (to build good relationships and keep people reading), yet incomplete (which helps you steer people towards paid products).
    • Provide a three to seven-part sequence that’s informative and engaging. Each email should build anticipation for upcoming emails. E.G., “Next time you’ll discover a little-known trick for getting rid of cellulite!”
    • Craft benefit-driven, curiosity arousing subject lines to get the open. E.G., “Start a six-figure business for just $47?”
    • Use responsive templates/HTML in your emails, as a large number of your subscribers will be reading your message from their mobile phones.
    • Track and test your emails. It’s the only way to know what’s really working in terms of email subject lines, sales copy, calls to action, and even the offers themselves.

And finally…

Make A Commitment to Maintaining Your List

It’s pretty pointless to go through all these steps if you don’t intend to stay in touch with your subscribers regularly. So, commit to emailing them at least once or twice a week, and you’ll see your list profits continue to grow!

By starting to build your email list now, when you’re ready for your product launch you’ll have a group of people who already know who you are, who you’ve already helped, and who will be responsive to buying from you again.

These people will be especially responsive if you invite them to co-create your new product using a Seed Launch. And they’ll be your most rabid buyers if you run an Internal Launch before you roll out your  JV Launch.

Warm regards,

Rocky Tapscott

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