Using A Conversational Close During Your Product Launch

One of the easiest ways to close high ticket sales during your Product Launch is to use what’s called a conversational close. This has normally been done on the phone, but lately we’ve been having great success using this method via text and Facebook messenger.

Avoiding phone calls has a lot of benefits, but the one I like the most is the time saving because we can be holding multiple text or FB conversations at the same time, whereas we are limited to one person at a time on the phone.

So I thought you might find this example of a conversational close I posted in a Facebook group this week helpful.

It’s a reply to a cold outreach message a member posted trying to generate sales of his product to real estate agents.

His message was very long winded and wasn’t getting any traction.

Here’s my post in reply:

Hey Bob, your message comes across as very ‘salesy’ and ‘convincey’ like a typical marketing message.

We’ve found a much different approach works a lot better.

Ideally you would start a conversation with people over a series of short emails or DM’s that might go something like this;

YOU: Initial Email Subject: Open homes


Do you hold open homes?

THEM: Yes we do, which property are you interested in?

YOU: Cool, hey I’ve worked out a way to automatically pre-qualify ideal prospects before you get on the phone with anyone so you don’t waste a bunch of time talking to people who aren’t really ready to buy yet.

Would something like that be helpful for you?

THEM: Yes, how much does it cost?

YOU: Good question and I’m happy to answer that for you. Before we get into that, could you let me know if you spend much time each week talking to people who aren’t in a position to buy right now?

THEM: Yes I spend Freaken hours!

YOU: I’ll bet. Is there something more productive you could be doing with that time?

THEM: Yes I could be doing _______, ________ and ________. (Let them talk and vent).

YOU: What else would you rather be doing?

THEM: Let them tell you all the reasons they are FED UP WITH talking to unqualified prospects and tell you what they could be doing instead?

YOU: Anything else?

THEM: Let them come up with more things with some prompting from you.

YOU: Have you tried anything to qualify people before having to talk with prospects who are not ready?

THEM: Let them answer with prompting from you.

YOU: Anything else you’ve tried?

THEM: Let them answer and exhaust any other options they have tried that didn’t work (if any).

YOU: Was there anything you liked about (using that option)?

THEM: Let them tell you if there was anything that worked or what they liked about that option.

YOU: What was it that sucked about doing that? (because they are obviously still looking for a better way)

THEM: Let them answer and go backwards and forwards until they have told you every thing that sucks with their current Plan.

YOU: How much do you think it is costing you by talking to people who can’t buy right away?

THEM: Let them answer. Dig deeper into what the REAL cost of the loss of this time is doing to them personally, financially, missing family time, opportunity cost, etc.

NOTE: We use T.I.M.E.R to dig down here. What is it costing them in:

  • Time
  • Identity
  • Money
  • Energy
  • Reputation

Once you’ve used T.I.M.E.R. to quantify exactly how much their current Plan is costing them, you can start to sum up the diagnosis portion of the conversation:

YOU: So it sounds like having a solution might be pretty valuable for you?

THEM: Yes it would. Let them tell you how valuable saving that time would be by prompting them – “tell me more”, “what else”, “is there anything else”

YOU: It sounds like being able to qualify leads before you get on the phone with them might be something that could be helpful.

NOTE – Get them to agree that their old Plan is something they no longer want to do and that they are interested in something better (your new plan).

THEM: Let them tell you all the reasons why their current plan needs to change

YOU: So is this something you’d like to fix right now, or is it more of a back burner thing?

THEM: Get them to confirm they want to fix the problem now. If they don’t want to fix it stay in touch but it’s not the right time for them yet. You can follow up and drip out more case studies and results of others you have helped over time until they see it as a front burner issue.


You want them to buy into the fact that their current plan sucks and then present them with a new, clearly different and far superior plan to achieve what they want.

If they agree they want to do something now, you can present your New Plan:

YOU: Well I’m not sure if this will work for you or not, but I’ve helped (name a couple of other agents you’ve helped) to streamline their prospecting by automating the process of qualifying leads so they are only getting on the phone with people who are ready to go now.

They’ve found they are saving up to 20 hours a week, and the people they are talking to are usually very qualified and close to buying a home.

Some of the other benefits they are seeing are (list a few of the main benefits and actual results so they can see it’s a good idea)

Does that sound like something that might be helpful?

THEM: Yes it does. How much does it cost?

YOU: Well so we can make sure this is a good fit, would you be open to discussing the details on a 15 minute Zoom call?

THEM: Yes/no continue the conversation from there – book the call or follow up later.


This is one example of how a conversational close could help you turn people who are on the fence into buyers during your Product Launch.

I’d love to hear about your results of you test out this form of cold outreach.

And if you have any questions, just let me know by replying to this message.

Warm regards,


P.S. I’ve set aside some time this month to help 2 new clients implement a warm or cold outreach and conversational close campaign for their business.

If you have a digital products business, you are making at least 20 low-ticket front end sales each month, and you have a high-ticket backend offer with the capacity to add more clients or members, I might be able to help.

Just hit reply and let me know about your situation and I’ll send you all the details.

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