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The 5 Main Types Of Launches From Product Launch Formula

As I dig back into Product Launch Formula again, it’s obvious how much Jeff Walker has updated the training for his PLF 2019 launch.

With this in mind, it’s probably a good time to look at the 5 primary types of launches you can use over and over again, and when to use them based on where you are in your business right now.

First up, let’s take a look at:

The Seed Launch

The Seed Launch is great when you are just getting started with a new idea, and you want to create a product you KNOW your market wants to buy.

It’s also great if you have no list (or a small list), because it can help you build a list of buyers quickly. So basically it’s a way you can get your first list and your first product, and it’s also a great way to create a new product anytime.

You can learn more about the Seed Launch here.

Next up we have the bread and butter of Product Launch Formula:

The Internal Launch

The Internal Launch is where we see our classic Sideways Sales Letter, which consists of 3 pieces of Prelaunch Content, that lead into a sales video or sales letter.

The Internal Launch (learn more about the Internal Launch here) gives you the opportunity to create and test your Prelaunch Content in a relatively save environment (you are launching to your own prospects and customers), so you can prove your marketing in preparation for the next step, which is:

The Joint Venture (JV) Launch

Once you’ve completed your Internal launch, hardened your systems, and proven your sales process converts, it’s time to bring in affiliates to drive traffic to your Prelaunch Content and run your Joint Venture Launch.

The JV Launch is like pouring fuel on a fire, because you can grow your email list super fast, and generate a bunch of sales quickly. For many marketers, the list-build is the most valuable part of a JV Launch, because you generate a bunch of new leads and paying customers who you can sell to over and over again in the future.

You can learn more about The JV Launch here.

Then we have:

The Quick Launch

The Quick Launch is a way to generate a bunch of sales and cash quickly based around an event or a deadline. It’s quick, simple and very easy.

You just have to have an offer for a product or service, and an email list to promote to

It’s very different to a Seed Launch or Internal Launch because it’s email only (no Prelaunch Content required) is story based, and you make money quick and easy, usually in just 3 to 5 days.

You can learn more about the Quick Launch here.

And finally, there’s:

The Evergreen Launch

Once you’ve proven your marketing funnel converts using an Internal Launch (or a JV Launch), you can take all of that content and set it up as a recurring sales system, so when people join your email list, they go through their own personal version of your launch

Having an Evergreen Launch makes your cashflow consistent because people are going through it consistently based on when they join their list.

These work very well with paid traffic, so they are a great way to build your list and generate sales consistently over time.

You can learn more about the Evergreen Launch here.

So there you have the five PRIMARY types of launches taught in Product Launch Formula. Jeff has kept adding new versions of these, but these 5 are your bread and butter when using his PLF system.

Each type of launch will suit you at different times, and the one you use first will depend on where you are right now in your business.

Personally I’m considering creating my new course using a Seed Launch first, because it will give me a product I know people in the market want and are ready to buy.

If you can see the benefits of having a portfolio of launch strategies you can dig into at any time to generate more sales, then check out Jeff Walker’s free Product Launch Masterclass here.

So where do you think you’ll start for your first launch? Scroll down and leave a comment and I’ll reply personally.

Talk soon,

Rocky Tapscott

PLUS: When you’re ready, here are 4 ways I can help you to grow your business using product launches:

1. How To Create A Signature Product Out Of Thin Air In 72 Hours Or Less
Creating your product does not need to take weeks or months. My 72 Hour Product Creation Guide shows you how to build high value products one after the other in 72 hours or less. Click Here

2. How To Outsource Your Product Creation And Make It Hands Free.
Outsourcing the creation of some or all of your products and bonuses is a great way to save your time for the more important (and more fun) things you’d rather be doing. Grab my Hands Free Outsourcing Cheat Sheet to learn more. Click Here

3. How To Build A Profitable Launch List.
Building an email list is critical if you plan on doing a launch for your product, service or business. My 1-2-3 List Building Cheat Sheet will show you how to build a responsive list of prospects who are ready to buy from you during your launch. Click Here

4. Work One-On-One With Me
If you’d like to work directly with me to run a launch for your business… just send me a message by emailing me at rocky [at] and put “One-on-One” in the subject line… tell me a little about your business and what you’d like to work on together, and I’ll get you all the details!

Also, check this out 🙂

Jeff Walker’s free Product Launch Formula training.

Here’s How The Sideways Sales Letter Powers Product Launch Formula

Now that Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula 2019 launch is over, it’s time for all of us students to get to work on creating our own launch. Over the next few posts as I go through the PLF training once again, I’ll be sharing my thoughts and the lessons I learn (or re-learn) along the way as I prepare to launch a new training program.

So, let’s get started…


Don’t have time to read this game-changing guide right this minute? Click here to get the PDF version and read it anytime you want!


How The Sideways Sales Letter Came To Be

For decades, one of the best ways to sell stuff to a mass audience, both in print and online, has been by using a sales letter. Now the typical sales letter uses the Problem, Agitate, Solve framework, which works pretty well as a way of helping people realise they have a problem, and explaining how a product or service can solve that problem for them.

The problem with sales letters (or sales videos) is that they don’t create a lot of value for the people reading them, and therefore they aren’t all that efficient. Typical conversions for sales letters or videos are between zero and 2%, which means there’s a lot of money left on the table

That’s why Jeff Walker came up with what he calls the Sideways Sales Letter.

Now some people looking at a launch sequence without the benefit of owning Product Launch Formula still think you can just take any old sales letter or sales video, split it into 3 pieces, and deliver it as content.

But the problem with this is there’s still not a lot of value created, and it relies on the Problem Agitate Solve framework which still doesn’t work all that well.

The Sideways Sales Letter is completely different in that it teaches, inspires, and sells over a period of time, using what Jeff calls Pre-launch Content (PLC). And he typically uses 4 videos for the content of his Sideways Sales Letters.

How To Structure Your Pre-launch Content

So how should this Pre-launch Content be structured, and what should you cover in your pre-launch videos (or posts, emails, podcasts or other content). Here’s how I’m going to be doing it for my next launch…

The working title of my new product is currently Digital Message Secrets, and it will show business owners and managers how to use email and text messages in unique ways to sell a lot more of their products and services with very little effort.

PLC #1 – The Opportunity

I’ll be using video for my Pre-launch Content, and my first PLC video will look at the opportunity my audience has once they understand the power of using highly personalised email and text messages to build relationships, and then promote their products and services to (and through) those people.

At this point in any product launch, most people will not be aware there is a going to be a product for sale, but I’ll be doing what Jeff and others do, and subtly ‘hinting’ that the videos they are watching are part of an upcoming launch of a new product.

The goal with this first video is to start to develop trust with your audience by sharing content that is outstanding and truly helps them to achieve a result. As Frank kern says, you want to help them by actually helping them!

Who knew that would actually work LOL?

In your first piece of PLC, you’ll want to do what I’ll be doing and teaching your people how to solve the biggest problem you KNOW they face. Throughout your training, you should sprinkle in mental triggers such as:

  • Authority (show how you know your stuff)
  • Likability (just being a nice person)
  • Social proof (reviews, testimonials, comments from others)
  • Anticipation (tell what’s coming next)
  • Proof (testimonials, screen shots of results)
  • Interaction and Conversation (have Facebook comments installed and invite people to comment below your PLC)

My audience’s biggest problem is generating very targeted leads in a cost effective way. The solution I’ll be sharing with them is a simple way they can re-purpose and re-activate many of the leads they have already generated, instead of trying to attract more new people.

I’ve spoken about this with dozens of people, and when I ask them if they ever have leads or prospects who fall through the cracks and don’t end up buying, they always say ‘YES”. So my first video will show them how to get a good percentage of those people back into the business, and then get some of them to become repeat customers or clients.

Then after I’ve helped them solve what is their biggest problem, I’m going to highlight another problem they are facing (which is being able to follow up with their audience in a low-stress, no-pitch way, that also sells heaps of products and services).

Then I’ll let them know that in the next video, I’ll show them how to solve that problem as well, which will open a mental loop that they’ll need closed before they feel comfortable again.

NOTE: In Jeff Walker’s case, he promises to teach the three types of product launches, and how to know which one is right for you and your business.

PLC#2 – The Transformation

The second PLC video should close the mental loop you opened at the end of the first video, and should teach about the potential for transformation, (in my case, how to follow up regularly while ‘selling’ without always having to ‘pitch’ products and services), and how their lives will be better once they understand how to use these personalised messages in their own business.

The goal for this video is to get people to believe that THEY can achieve the transformation. NOTE: In Jeff’s case he teaches the 3 types of launches and how to choose which one suits where you are in your business. The mental triggers you can use in this video are:

  • Authority
  • Credibility (show results and other credibility boosting elements)
  • Social proof
  • Proof
  • Likability
  • Reciprocity (people will usually want to reciprocate when you do something for them)
  • The common enemy (if possible, bring up a common enemy and position yourself on their side against this perceived enemy)
  • Reason why (giving people a reason why makes everything your doing much more believable)
  • Community (build the conversation in the comments section)

Then at the end of my second PLC video, I’ll be highlighting the next biggest problem my audience faces, and that is in not having enough products or services of their own to fully satisfy their markets desire for more stuff. I’ll promise to help them solve this problem in the third PLC video.

NOTE: The problem Jeff brings up at the end of PLC 2 is, “Well now you know the 5 major types of launches, but you also need to know the details of how to launch if you are going to do it successfully”, and he lets people know that he’s going to go through The Product Launch Blueprint in the next video (which opens another loop that people will feel the need to have closed).

PLC#3 – The Ownership Experience

In the third PLC video, your goal is to cover the ownership experience and what it’s like if they really had this transformation, and what it’s like to own your product or service.

Im my third PLC video, I’ll be sharing the simple system I have for turning any business into a ‘Distribution Centre’ for a range of high profit products and services. This system takes very little time, effort or money to implement, and gives exceptional results for just about everyone who uses it.

The mental triggers you can use in this video are:

  • Scarcity (your launch is coming to an end, and now’s the time to mention the class is coming up, and there will be some kind of deadline or limit to places)
  • Social proof
  • Proof
  • Likability
  • Reciprocity
  • The common enemy
  • Reason why

I’ll be starting off by revisiting the two techniques shared so far, and will then teach them the system for turning their business into a high profit Distribution Centre for a range of other products they don’t have to source or create, stock, handle, deliver or supply customer support for.

NOTE: In Jeff’s content he starts off by saying, “So now you know the sideways sales letter, and you probably know which launch you are going to do, and now I’ll take you through the Product Launch Blueprint” which is an overview of how to do a launch, but it cannot possibly give all the details.

At the end of that video, I’ll be letting people know that my new program is starting in a few days, and in the next video I’ll give them all the details if they’d like to join up.

Jeff announces his Product Launch Formula training is opening up for new members soon, and the next video will give them all the details and show them how to join.

PLC#4 – The Open Cart/Sales Video

In the 4th piece of pre-launch content, you release your sales video or sales letter. The format of this content is (courtesy of Frank Kern as taught to him by John Carlton):

  • Here’s what I’ve got
  • Here’s what it will do for you
  • Here’s what to do next

When people have gone through your prelaunch content and it has actually helped them, and if you present your audience with a great offer, this 3 step process works like gangbusters for converting them into clients and customers.

In his 4th PLC, Jeff releases the sales video that explains a very compelling offer for PLF, and invites people to join.

Once you’ve released your Sales Video, you’re in the ‘Open Cart’ period, which we’ll cover in another post.

For now, remember this…

According to Jeff Walker, this product launch process has helped him make millions of dollars for his own business, and has helped his students make around a billion dollars in sales through product launches.

There are NO guarantees, but when used correctly, the PLF process can probably help you too.

So if you’d like to learn more about how to successfully launch your own product or service by using Jeff’s Sideways Sales Letter process, check out his Product Launch Masterclass by registering here.

Talk soon,


PLUS: When you’re ready, here are 4 ways I can help you to grow your business using product launches:

1. How To Create A Signature Product Out Of Thin Air In 72 Hours Or Less
Creating your product does not need to take weeks or months. My 72 Hour Product Creation Guide shows you how to build high value products one after the other in 72 hours or less. Click Here

2. How To Outsource Your Product Creation And Make It Hands Free.
Outsourcing the creation of some or all of your products and bonuses is a great way to save your time for the more important (and more fun) things you’d rather be doing. Grab my Hands Free Outsourcing Cheat Sheet to learn more. Click Here

3. How To Build A Profitable Launch List.
Building an email list is critical if you plan on doing a launch for your product, service or business. My 1-2-3 List Building Cheat Sheet will show you how to build a responsive list of prospects who are ready to buy from you during your launch. Click Here

4. Work One-On-One With Me
If you’d like to work directly with me to run a launch for your business… just send me a message by emailing me at rocky [at] and put “One-on-One” in the subject line… tell me a little about your business and what you’d like to work on together, and I’ll get you all the details!

Also, check this out 🙂

Jeff Walker’s free Product Launch Formula training.

3 Hours Left To Get Product Launch Formula

So there’s a couple of hours left in Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula 2019 launch, and the new offer that’s live right now includes the full PLF training program, with the strategies and tactics that have driven over a BILLION dollars in launches by his students.

It’s got nine modules that walk you through creating your first launch… and then growing your launches from there (note that he has completely rebuilt the course for PLF 2019).

You’ll get email swipe copy, a targeted timeline, and checklists to help keep you on track, module by module, complete launch videos and scripts from launches in various markets, access to the PLF Community… and let’s not forget 12 months of coaching calls.

You can learn more about PLF here (but only for the next 3 hours)

Plus you’ve got some pretty incredible bonuses:

– BONUS: Jeff’s complete “Launching Your List” video training course – this course is ALL NEW for 2019, and it shows how to grow an email list of people hungry for what you offer.

– BONUS: the full-blown “Product Creation Code” video training course that shows you how to create an online training program that people will pay you for.

– BONUS: two tickets to his “PLF Live 2019” program – this is a three-day, live, in-person workshop led personally by Jeff himself. The event will be in Phoenix, AZ, USA – they’re still finalizing the dates, but it will likely be in April 2019.

– BONUS: “Your Tech Stack Quick Start” – this is Jeff’s team training you on picking out the technology for your launch, and getting it set up. If you’re just starting out and you’re intimidated by the “technology question”… they’ve got you taken care of.

– BONUS: “Book Launch Campaigns” – if you’re an author, this one is all about how to launch your book.

– BONUS: the “Sparta Launch” training on how to sell very high-priced, small-group workshops or retreats. The best part is that Sparta launches are generally done purely via email.

– BONUS: The “Live Launch” training – Jeff’s PLF 2019 launch followed an entirely new model… and he’ll be creating this special bonus to debrief the process and his results.

You can learn more about PLF here (but only for the next 3 hours)

And he just added these three new bonuses:

NEW BONUS: Jeff’s brand new OPERATION QUICK START mini-module, which is perfect if you’re just starting out – this training will show you what to do first to quickly get your business up and running fast.

NEW BONUS: His new THE SECRETS OF LEVERAGE AND SCALE mini-module, which is all about moving from a 1-on-1 or unleveraged business… to creating true leverage and scale in your business (so you can make more money and impact without working more hours).

NEW BONUS: the LAUNCH PARTNERSHIP mini-module, which teaches you the lucrative business of helping other people with their launches… either as a consultant, a launch manager, or even as a full business partner.

Again, this offer is live right now… but only for a couple more hours.

Here’s where to go to learn more and join us if you feel it’s the right fit for you and your business.

See you inside the members portal,

Rocky Tapscott

Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula Launch Ends In A Few Hours

This years’ launch of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula is coming to an end in just a few hours, so this is the last chance to get inside with the rest of us until around this time next year.

If you are keen to build your email list, sell more products and services, and grow your business in a sustainable way, PLF will help you do that.

You’ll learn how to create a product and build a super responsive email list using a Seed Launch. Then take what you learned during that launch, and make a bunch of sales while growing your email list even further with an Internal Launch.

Then if you choose to, you can take all of the pre-launch and launch content you created for your Internal Launch, and use it with a bunch of JV partners to hold a super profitable JV Launch.

And you can do all of this in just a few weeks if you put your mind to it and follow the process Jeff lays out for you…

You can get started today for just $397, test drive it through the first 3 weekly modules, and if you feel it’s not for you, let Jeff know within 30 days and he’ll give you a full refund.

You can learn all about Produce Launch Formula and get access here.

Chat soon,

Rocky Tapscott

P.S. If you think the Product Launch Masterclass training (you can see all 4 Masterclass videos for Free here) from Jeff’s launch was awesome, you’ll really love what Jeff has inside PLF. In addition to a completely new-for-2019 version of Product Launch Formula, has also added some really cool extra bonuses to the mix.

The additional bonuses are designed to remove any remaining stumbling blocks you might face as you create and roll out your products. They include:

1. A full-blown course on how to build and profit from a list – this is his “Launching Your List” course.

2. A complete course on Product Creation that will take you from start to finish and get you creating your own products as often as you want.

3. A full course on How To Create Killer Lead Magnets which will show you how to come up with lead magnets people your market will be ravenous for

4. A full-out 3-day LIVE WORKSHOP with Jeff… this is a high-end in-person workshop led personally by Jeff. This is one of the most powerful events in the industry… you walk in with an idea, and you walk out with a launch plan.

5. How to Gamify Your Launch which will show you how to get people to follow through and complete your program so they get awesome results, and want to buy from you again and again

Here’s the link to get started with Product Launch Formula

Join This FREE Last Minute Live Product Launch Formula Training

Jeff Walker has just announced a last-minute Live online training where he’s going to share some of the behind-the-scenes stuff going on with this years Product Launch Formula launch.

Specifically Jeff is going to cover

1. How his team have been doing “Super Secret Segments” that have been revealing the behind-the-scenes ebb and flow of orders during the launch. This is what they are doing behind-the-scenes to test and tweak their systems and increase conversions, and will be specifically about how you can finish strong in your launch (sometimes 50% or more of your sales will come on the final day).

2. He’ll be doing live question-and-answer session to cover any last-minute questions you may have before the launch closes later on today.

3. He’s actually doing this while he’s on the road with no support staff, so you can see what’s possible nowadays with the absolute minimal tech and support.

If you’d like to attend Jeff’s final Live event before this years Product Launch Formula launch is over and he closes the doors until next year, you can go here (no email address or optin required).

I’ll see you there,

Warm regards,

Rocky Tapscott

Jeff Walker Answers Three Questions About Using Product Launch Formula

QUICK NOTE: Registration for Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula Coaching Program closes down at midnight on Friday, 9/28. The class is starting next week, so he has to close registration on Friday to make sure they have everyone on-boarded properly.

For more information on the Coaching Program click here.

So there’s been a lot of questions coming in about launches during this week’s Product Launch Masterclass

The 3 main ones are:

#1. Do I need a list?

The bottom line is whether you’re doing launches or not, if your goal is to build a sustainable business, you need to build and continue to grow an email list as your #1 priority. This database of prospects and customers gives you long-term security (because you can create money on demand), and will be a huge leverage point in your business.

And a lot of us who have spent the last few years doing that believe the best way to actually GET a list is with product launches.

If you’re starting from zero now and you have no list at all, then you would use Jeff’s “Seed Launch” to get your list started… and then you’re off to the races.

If you already a small email list, then an “Internal Launch” is the way to go. An Internal Launch will make you immediate sales, and it will also help to build your list through word-of-mouth viral traffic.

And finally, when you’re ready, there’s the “JV Launch” – which will grow your list faster than ANY other list building strategy ever devised.

(One more thing: Jeff is such a huge believer in list building that he’s included an entire List Building course as a free bonus for anyone who registers for Product Launch Formula. It’s called “Launching Your List” and it’s all about building a list of people who want to buy what you’re offering.)

CLICK HERE for details about PLF

#2. Do I need my own product or service?

There are literally thousands of ways to make money online… but they all generally boil down to two primary strategies. You’re either selling someone else’s stuff, or you’re selling your own stuff.

(And by “your own stuff” – I mean it could be an online course or training program, a membership site, physical products, a personal service, coaching, artwork, a book, antiques, homes or properties, etc.)

Honestly, I think the best online businesses tend to mix a number of those revenue models to diversity their income. Selling other people’s stuff can be lucrative and easy, and it can help to smooth out your cash flow.

But in the long run… you really need your own products – at least if you want to have real control and lots of leverage over your business.

So the way that many people start out is by first selling other people’s products as an affiliate, and then developing their own products – and that’s really a GREAT way to go.

And on that note, one of the best ways to sell affiliate products is with the “Shadow Launch” that Jeff teaches in PLF. This is where you put together a simple and easy email sequence (similar to a product launch sequence or PLS) for a product that you’re selling as an affiliate.

It’s staggering how effective the “Shadow Launch” is… it immediately sets you apart from all the other affiliates selling that product, regardless of what market you are in.

That’s a great way to get started… but remember, in the long run you should be thinking about creating your own products. That’s where you get total control over your business and your destiny.

(Jeff feels so strongly about having your own products that he’s created an entire Product Creation course – and you get it as another bonus when you register for Product Launch Formula.)

CLICK HERE for details about PLF

3. What if I’m “not technical”?

Good news – I’m not technical either!

These days lots of people get intimidated by the technical stuff of an online business… but here’s the thing – you don’t need a big fancy website. You can get started with a single web page – and there are some amazing tools that allow you to create that single page in a matter of minutes.

Personally I use LeadPages, but there’s any number of powerful, inexpensive tools you can use to get a website up in just a few hours (or you can outsource it for a few dollars).

Don’t get me wrong – you’ll have to learn some stuff to get your business going. But it’s all 100% “figure-out-able”… and because of the great tools that are now available, it’s so much simpler than it’s ever been.

AND since Jeff is dedicated to taking any obstacle out of your way, he’ll have a BRAND NEW bonus inside the PLF Coaching program – it’s called “Your Tech Stack Quick Start”.

The whole idea of a “tech stack” is simple… it’s the software tools that you use in your online business. And this bonus is his team showing you how to pick the tech for your business, and get it set up. So if you’re just starting out and you’re intimidated by the “technology question”… they’ve got you taken care of.

CLICK HERE for details about PLF

One last thing… registration for the Product Launch Formula Coaching Program is open right now. The last time Jeff opened it up like this was a full year ago. And registration is about to close down – the deadline is this FRIDAY…

But please don’t wait until Friday… you don’t want you to forget about the deadline and then have to wait a year to join us in the program. Here’s the link:

CLICK HERE for details about PLF

See you inside,


Rocky Tapscott

P.S. Jeff mentioned today that he was looking through the comments from the Product Launch Masterclass replays, and in the Facebook Group… and it got him thinking about something he wanted to add to the Product Launch Formula Coaching Program…

He noticed a lot of people are full of enthusiasm and drive and energy… but they’re just getting started in this online business world.

And even though it’s been 20 years since he started out, he reckons it feels like it was just yesterday. There were lots of things that held him back, and he can remember all those early hurdles.

He said he can remember the mistakes he made… and the few crucial things he did that made all the difference.

So, he’s got a pretty cool bonus for folks who are just starting out…

It’s called “Operation Quick Start” and gets right to the heart of things in six sections…

He covers the “Fast Start Mindset”… which is about getting your mental game aligned with your new business (and new life). This is probably the single most important factor when you’re starting out… and it’s something Jeff has worked on consciously for the last 20 years.

He also covers the “Fast Start Tools”… this is about the tools to get you started. And even more important is the how behind picking the right tools for your situation.

This isn’t a sexy topic, but it’s the nuts-and-bolts that you have to get right.

And then there’s the “First Steps”… and this is the step-by-step of what you should do first to get rolling. It sounds simple, but it’s oh-so-easy to get sidetracked into a thousand different directions.

But what you really want to do is put on the blinders and focus on getting the first steps done first. And that’s what this section is about.

Sound pretty cool? 🙂

So this is the deal – you’ll get the “Operation Quick Start” mini-module as a free bonus when you register for the Product Launch Formula Coaching Program.

The only “catch” is that we’re about to close down registration so we can get the class started… so you need to go check it out now:

CLICK HERE for PLF + Operation Quick Start

(There’s a timer on that page, so you can see how long you’ve got until registration closes down.)

See you on the inside 🙂

Only 36 Hours Left To Get Product Launch Formula 2019

If you’ve been following along with Jeff Walker’s once-a-year Product Launch Formula launch, then it’s coming down to the wire now.

Jeff just let his affiliates and JV partners know (I’m one of them) that he is are closing down PLF registrations on FRIDAY. It means this launch is officially into RESULTS time. And that’s because he knows the majority of sales are going to come in these last two days.

The lesson here is that your launch is going to be no different, as long as you follow his ‘Close Cart’ process, and include the correct mental triggers he shared in his pre-launch training to build your prospect’s desire for your product.

4 of the mental triggers coming into play now are:

  • Authority – Jeff has built plenty of authority with his pre-launch content
  • Liking – he’s just an all round nice guy, and through his content has proven he wants to help others
  • Scarcity – this is a very powerful factor because you can only get into PLF once each year, miss it and you have to wait
  • Urgency – there’s nothing more powerful than a time-certain deadline to prompt action

As Jeff told affiliates today, for his launch there’s going to be AT LEAST a million dollars in sales made during these last 2 days.

For your launch, the last couple of days also means it’s time to start messaging the closing scarcity to your people. When Jeff promotes a launch, he says he always doubles or triples his sales in the last 36 hours…

And as part of that final push into the close, he’s just released the “All Access Page” here – where you can get all the replays from 12+ hours of live masterclass lessons…

…and you’ll get the FULL replays. That’s all the entire 3+ hour lessons, including Q&A, the Case Studies, and even the “Super Secret Segment”.

By re-sharing YOUR pre-launch content with your prospects like this, you can significantly increase your sales during the close cart period, because it lets people go through your lessons again…

…and reinforces the all the reasons people should buy your course, and helps to answer any lingering questions they may have had that were stopping them from joining your program.

It’s very powerful…

You can get everything Jeff taught during his pre-launch on one page with no opt-in. You can access them here so you can see how he’s doing this and model it for your launch as well.

Hope these insights into how Jeff is using the ‘cart close’ sequence for his own launch of his flagship Product Launch Formula program help you to kick it out of the park when it’s your turn. You can get PLF 2019 here.

Chat soon,

Rocky Tapscott

P.S. If you think the training from this launch was awesome, you’ll really love what Jeff has inside PLF. In addition to a completely new-for-2019 version of Product Launch Formula, Jeff has also added some really cool extra bonuses to the mix.

They include:

1. A full-blown course on how to build and profit from a list – this is his “Launching Your List” course.

2. A complete course on Product Creation that will take you from start to finish and get you your own products.

3. A full-out 3-day LIVE WORKSHOP with Jeff… this is a high-end in-person workshop led personally by Jeff. This is one of the most powerful events in the industry… you walk in with an idea, and you walk out with a launch plan.

Here’s the link to get started with Product Launch Formula

Watch Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Masterclass Again On This All Access Page

OK so over the last 10 days, Jeff Walker has been releasing the pre-launch content for this year’s release of his flagship Product Launch Formula class.

If you’ve watched the 4 live sessions he’s shared so far, you’ll know they have included over 12 hours of some of the best content he’s ever released.

But if you missed one or more of those sessions, he’s just opened up an ‘all-access’ page where you can watch all of those replays for the next few days. You can watch the entire Launch Masterclass for free, with no opt-in required.

You can check out the all access page here.

Here’s The Lesson Jeff Walker Is Sharing Here

Giving people access to all of the pre-launch content again like this, without requiring them to opt in, is a powerful way to help people who may be on the fence to decide to join his Product Launch Formula 2019 program.

That’s because the more of his content people consume (and the more case studies they see within that content), the more likely they are to believe that his product launch strategies will work for them as well.

This is one of the secrets of PLF that’s hidden in plain sight… do everything you can to get people to engage with your pre-launch content as much as possible.

So on this page you’ll find more than 12 hours of content, including downloads, Q&A, the “super secret” sessions… and even the infamous “Squirrel Cam” that had viewers raving (you’ve gotta watch to get it).

Make sure you watch the Product Launch Masterclass here before it’s taken down in a couple of days time

Chat soon,

Rocky Tapscott

“Will Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula Work For Me?”

Apparently throughout the Product Launch Masterclass, Jeff Walker has had quite a few questions from people asking about Product Launch Formula, and most of them are pretty much wondering whether it really works or not.

And the long and short of it is… yes it works.

But rather than talk about all the ways PLF could help you launch and grow your own business, how about I share a few success stories?

Jeff Noble:
Jeff teaches people about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD), which are the leading cause of developmental disabilities. Even though he’s not a doctor or therapist, he’s used launches to turn his passion into a global mission, and now travels the world to teach people how to cope with this misunderstood health condition.

Thembi Bheka:
Thembi arrived in Canada with just $5 in her pocket, after leaving an abusive relationship in her native Zimbabwe. She knew nothing about online marketing when she discovered PLF, and launched her first course in just six months. Now she’s empowering women in Africa and teaching people about real estate investing. And she just celebrated her first six-figure launch!

Oonagh Duncan:
Oonagh runs a business called Fit Feels Good. She’d been making offers every month for more than a year to a dwindling list. She was starting to get worried about business sustainability when she came across PLF. Her most recent launch is on track to generate $94,000, and her clients are not only losing weight… they’re going out into the world and transforming their lives.

Mary Gilkerson:
Mary is a painter who decided to take her experience teaching college-level art and use it to create an online course. Before PLF, she brought in a pretty respectable $12,000… but after PLF, her launch brought in $54,000. Now Mary’s online art courses are consistently full, and she’s selling more of her own work than ever before. AND she’s using PLF to sell her paintings for up to $12,000 each!

Luis Carlos Flores:
Luis and his wife are psychotherapists who help Latin American parents become great parents. They put together their first launch in just 3 weeks, netting 130 new students in 10 days. Six-figure launches are now the norm, even though their Latin American market doesn’t usually buy online. But the best part is the daily thank you notes from happy clients…

Dylan Frost:
Dylan and his partners built a successful business selling physical products on Amazon. They developed a system for wholesaling products, and started teaching their method to other sellers. Using PLF, their first launch brought in $147,000 and each of the last four launches brought in more than $1 million. Dylan anticipates crossing the $10 million mark this year… all before his 30th birthday.

Susan Garrett:
Susan was already a successful business owner, traveling the world teaching people how to train their dogs. But her schedule was exhausting and unsustainable. When she bought PLF, she was hoping to make enough to pay it off before the credit card statement came in and her husband found out. Her first launch made $27,000… but she didn’t stop there. Susan now does million dollar launches (in her dog training niche, without JV partners).

Dr. Julie Helmrich:
Julie practiced psychology in a traditional setting. She wondered if she could take her mental health training online. Her first launch brought in $17,000 – and her second launch, three times that. An unexpected bonus? Her brick-and-mortar practice is stronger than ever.

Erik Solbakken:
Erik was not sure what he wanted to sell at first… but he knew he was ready for something different after 26 years as an accountant. He found a surprisingly hungry audience and did his first launch, bringing in $10,000 before even creating his product. In just 10 months after starting his online business, Erik made $220,000 in revenue (and is already planning his second launch).

Kara Andretta:
Kara helps cake decorators run successful home businesses. She had a blog that got lots of readers, but very little revenue. In her first launch, Kara more than doubled her list and made $91,000.

Kami McBride:
Kami started from scratch (two years ago she didn’t even have a cell phone), and she’s now done four PLF launches in the last year – and three of them have done more than $10,000 in sales…

Jason Miles:
Jason and his wife Cinnamon had a very small business selling doll clothes – then they used Product Launch Formula to multiply their results by 10x…

Bill O’Hanlon:
Bill had a very nice business – but it was unleveraged. He was traveling three or four times per month, and his lifestyle suffered from his grueling travel schedule. So he created an online course to give himself time freedom. That course made $5,000. Then he got PLF and did a $68,000 launch with the very same course… and he was just getting started.

Ross Grant:
Ross teaches actors about high performance… he had a blog, but he wasn’t making any money. In fact, he was losing money with his blog every month. Then he did a PLF launch and made $15,000 from a list of 180 people

Stacey Murphy:
An urban farmer, Stacy was passionate about bringing healthy foods to the world. To expand her reach, she created an online course but couldn’t get much traction with her audience until she found PLF. Her first PLF launch brought in 3x the revenue of her solo launch. She doubled that with her second PLF launch, and her opt-ins have increased by an incredible 8,900%.

Barry Friedman:
Barry was a very successful entertainer. Then he had a mountain biking accident that left him unable to perform… and his business (and income) were dead in the water. Then he found PLF, and it changed everything in his business…

Tanya Charlotte Targett:
Tanya had a great income, but her business was unleveraged. She had to travel constantly – her health suffered and she was away from her daughter far too much. Then PLF transformed her business…

Troy Dean:
Troy had a successful membership site, but was frustrated because his business was stuck – and he couldn’t figure out how to grow it. Then he got PLF and put it to work – and four launches later he’s built his business to the seven-figure level…

Shelley Brander:
Shelley had a successful brick-and-mortar yarn store… but it suffered every year with the seasonal swings of the market. Then she went online with PLF, and it changed everything in her business (and her life)…

Debbie Arambula:
Debbie is the “Heart Artist” – she paints hearts, and she’s very successful at it. This is how she uses Product Launch Formula to sell her paintings and prints…

Nicholas Wilton:
Nicholas is a fine artist who has led offline workshops to teach people how to paint. Then he used PLF to bring his workshop online – he started from scratch and his first launch did over $400,000 in sales. And he followed that up with another launch that made around the same.

Des and Micheal O’Neill:
Des and Micheal have a business consulting practice with accountants in Ireland. Their first launch using Product Launch Formula did 180,000 Euros and completely transformed their business… and that’s just the start of their story.

As you can see, there’s a tone of proof that Product Launch Formula works in all sorts of markets.

If you’d like to hear these PLF owners stories for yourself, you can check them out on this page.

Chat soon,

Rocky Tapscott

Product Launch Formula 2019 Is Open

After releasing over 12 hours of awesome live pre-launch content, Jeff Walker has just opened up registration for his Product Launch Formula 2019 Coaching Program.

PLF is a complete A-Z system for launching, growing and scaling a profitable online business.

This is the same system Jeff and his coaching students have used to generate over $1 BILLION in sales for their products and services in virtually every kind of market you can imagine.

It’s only going to be open for a limited time…

Here’s where you can learn all about it…

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Product Launch Formula Coaching Program

See you on the inside,

Rocky Tapscott

P.S. Jeff only opens up this program once a year, and it’s only going to be open for a few days. Make sure you check it out right now…


Product Launch Masterclass Lesson 4 – How To Transition To Your Open Cart

Jeff Walker is gearing up for the 4th and final instalment of his free 2019 Product Launch Formula Masterclass, and this lesson is going to be one of the most important.

That’s because if you are like a lot of people who don’t see themselves as natural ‘sales people’, it’s easy to get freaked out or feel a little weird when you’re trying to sell your products or services. This is especially so when you are doing a launch because you are going from giving value in your pre-launch content, to asking for a sale when you are in the ‘open cart’ period.

That’s a perfectly natural feeling, and because lot of people feel this way, it can really hamper your sales, profits, and your business growth. The thing is, at the end of the day, you have to make sales if you want to have a successful business.

Here’s How Product Launch Formula Solves The Problem…

That’s why for the past week or so, Jeff Walker has been holding his brand new LIVE Product Launch Masterclass training, and if you’d like to learn an effective way to sell, that focuses on providing tons of value to your customers and clients, then you should check it out here.

During the Masterclass, Jeff has given away almost 10 hours of incredible live training that can help you take your ideas and use them to launch a business…

…and also how to use launches to grow your existing business fast.

He’s going to be going LIVE with the fourth and final lesson in his Launch Masterclass on Monday.

And this lesson is all about how to transition from delivering value in your pre-launch marketing content, to asking for the sale in a dignified, no-hype, low-pressure way that makes people want to buy from you.

Jeff has NEVER taught this topic in public before with this level of depth. It’s going to be very valuable.

Here’s where to sign up:

CLICK HERE for Lesson 4 of the Product Launch Formula Masterclass

Chat soon,

Rocky Tapscott

P.S. Make sure you sign up today. Jeff will show you an easy, totally “non salesy” way to make this transition… and to have tons of people excited to buy from you.

If you’ve ever felt weird or “icky” when it comes to trying to sell your products or services… and if you wanna learn a totally cool way to sell – that people actually look forward to – then make sure you sign up for the fourth lesson of the Launch Masterclass here.

The Product Launch Masterclass Lesson 3 Replay Is Ready For You

Jeff Walker has just finished presenting Lesson 3 of his new Product Launch Formula Masterclass training live, and the replay is ready to watch.

Even though it ran long, people were hanging on until the very end. At 3+ hours in, there were still 1,205 folks watching, and more than 2,000 comments.

And people were RAVING about the Product Launch Blueprint (which you can download here). This is one of the best responses they’ve ever seen for it!

In this lesson, Jeff talks about:

  • The steps you can take to create a lifestyle business (just like he has done)
  • Walks you through the entire product launch process step-by-step
  • Shows how to use “Launch Stacking” to create what he calls “The Circle of Awesome”
  • And much more…

The replay of Lesson 3 has just been uploaded to the Concierge page, so you can go here and binge watch the first three lessons right now (plus get all the downloads, plus get the next lesson when it’s ready)… and it’s all free.

I’d love to hear what you think of Jeff’s Product Launch Masterclass, so please let me know in the comments below.

Chat soon,

Rocky Tapscott

Product Launch Masterclass Lesson 3 + DOWNLOAD (your Product Launch Blueprint)

In just a bit, Jeff Walker is going LIVE with Lesson 3 of his brand new Product Launch Formula Masterclass. It’s going to be all about Your Launch Blueprint, and the broadcast is at 4:00 pm Eastern / 1:00 pm Pacific.

Here’s your link to join:

CLICK HERE for Lesson #3 of the Launch Masterclass

Here’s Why This Product Launch Formula Training Is Different

When Jeff first let us know he was planning this live launch, he said he had NO idea how it was going to turn out. He only knew he wanted to do something different to the 3-video product launch he has used in the past to see how it turned out.

It seems he’s onto something, because people are loving it, and the comments have been pouring in (lesson 2 got almost 2,000 comments while he was on the air)…

Not that you have to go as far as Jeff is going here for your product launch. The PLF process is so robust, it works just as well when you use pre-recorded videos, PDF’s, blog posts or even by email.

Anyhow, I’m really looking forward to tonight’s live lesson because Jeff is going to walk us through his Product Launch Blueprint, which basically gives you a step-by-step plan of how to launch your own product, service, or business.

I think the content of this one is going to be as good as than the last two lessons, and with even more actionable ideas you can use straight away.

And make sure you download your copy of Jeff’s Product Launch Blueprint. (You can grab your copy here on the broadcast page).

It’s an all-new downloadable 18-page PDF that takes you through each step of the Product Launch Formula process Jeff is going to be walking us through during the LIVE broadcast.

Print it out now so you can follow along.

Here’s your link to join the broadcast:

CLICK HERE for Lesson #3 of the Launch Masterclass

Warm regards,

Rocky Tapscott

P.S. In case you’re one of those people who scroll right to the end (like me), here’s what’s happening. In a couple of hours, Jeff Walker is going live with Lesson 3 of his Product Launch Masterclass. He’s be covering his Product Launch Blueprint which will show you how to launch your own products service or business step-by-step. You can register to join here.

Download Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Blueprint While It’s Still Available

If you are thinking about growing your business, and you haven’t downloaded Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Blueprint yet, you should grab your free copy here while it’s still available.

Jeff is currently going through his annual Product Launch Formula launch, and he’s released The Blueprint, which is an all-new downloadable 18-page PDF that walks you through each step of his PLF launch process, as part of his pre-launch content.

The Blueprint and his upcoming Lesson #3 is the most important piece of pre-launch content so far, because he’s basically going to lay out the entire launch strategy he and his students use, and set you up for launching your own product, service, or business successfully.

So if you’d like to attend the next LIVE Masterclass where Jeff Walker walks through the entire Blueprint… including a live Q&A session during the broadcast so you can get all of your questions answered, then register here now.

It’s 100% free to attend – there’s nothing for sale during this Masterclass, but free access will be available for a limited time.

The only thing you need to do is register with your email address on this page (no credit card or any other payment required).

See you on the Masterclass,

Warm regards

Rocky Tapscott

P.S. You might want to print out the PDF so you can take notes throughout the live training. You can grab your copy of the Product Launch Blueprint here.

3 Profitable Innovations From Jeff Walker’s 2019 Product Launch Formula Launch

Jeff Walker’s next LIVE Product Launch Formula Masterclass broadcast is less than 24 hours away.

Lesson 3 is at 4pm ET/8pm GMT on Thursday September 20th, and you can register here so you don’t miss it (he’s going to give away his 18-page Product Launch Blueprint to download as well.)

Now if you’ve been following along with this launch, you may have noticed several innovations Jeff is using in this PLF launch. They include:

1. Lead Segmenting AFTER Collecting An Email Address

In previous launches, Jeff and most other people using the PLF process have segmented people before they collect their email address. I’m guessing testing over hundreds of thousands of opt-ins showed that more people continued with the opt-in after giving their email address before segmenting than after.

This makes sense, because while segmenting allows you to personalise your content, it also adds a certain amount of “friction” to the process. Some people will either balk at being segmented, or may be confused and not continue with the opt-in.

However, commitment and consistency (one of the strong mental triggers Jeff talks about in Product Launch Formula) means people will often push through barriers to complete a task once they have started it.

Therefore, once a person has entered their email address (they’ve started making a commitment), they are more likely to continue through the opt-in process (to be consistent with their actions), meaning segmenting them is less of a barrier.

2. The Use Of A “Concierge Page”

This is where all of the content is now based rather than the typical 4-page “launch” setup where all you can see is 4 videos. There are links to all of the different content, so people are likely to spend more time on the page looking around and engaging with it.

And the more of your launch content people consume, the more likely they are to buy your product or service when they are offered the opportunity…

3. Seperate Launch Case Studies

Jeff has used plenty of Case Studies before, but this time in addition to the full 3 hour Masterclass lessons, he has placed the Case Study videos separately on the Concierge page for people to watch.

This allows him to keep the lessons on topic, and create a more diversified range of content for people to choose from.

Giving people choice is a great strategy since it allows them to create their own journey through your content, and watch what they want to watch.

So these are 3 of the obvious innovations I’ve seen this year. If you have seen any others, please let me know in the comments below.

So as I said, Jeff is going live with his 3rd Product Launch Masterclass lesson shortly, but before that, you might want to catch up on Lessons 1 and 2 (if you haven’t already).

You’ll find links to both replays and all of the Case Studies on the concierge page here.

Chat soon,

Rocky Tapscott

P.S. One other innovation I forgot to mention is how Jeff is using Facebook Messenger AND Instagram for updating subscribers throughout the launch. You can see how he invites people to subscribe to Facebook Message updates on the Concierge page here.

5 Secrets Jeff Walker Shared In His Product Launch Formula Masterclass

I just re-listened to Jeff Walker’s first Product Launch Formula Masterclass and this time I took even more notes and screen shots than I did the first time 🙂

If you missed it or want to listen to it again, he has posted the recording here.

In the class, Jeff Walker shared 5 Product Launch secrets including…

1. The big mistake you HAVE to avoid in your marketing, and why you should treat this like the

2. What’s working right now when it comes to launching or re-launching products, services, or even entire businesses, and exactly how you can use this technique to stack one great launch on top of another

3. The single core strategy behind every successful launch that Jeff and his best students have ever held

4. How to launch any business (or launch or re-launch any product or service) in WEEKS instead of years (and make it successful right out of the gate)

5. What you should be focusing on as you prepare for your product launch (and why focusing on creating the perfect product can kill you)

The exciting thing is that all of this knowledge has been accumulated through real world experience – Jeff’s students have done over a billion dollars in business by using launches based on his Product Launch Formula process.

If you want to learn how you can turn your ideas into a profitable business… or how you can use launches to grow your existing business safely and quickly, then make sure you watch Part 1 of the Launch Masterclass here now.

It’s free to watch. But it’s not going to be available much longer.

I’d love to hear what you think of the training in the comments below.

Chat soon,

Rocky Tapscott

Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula Masterclass #1 Replay Is Ready

Yesterday’s first live Product Launch Formula Masterclass lesson was awesome, as Jeff Walker spent nearly 3 hours live teaching the core strategy behind the most successful launches, and talking about:

  • WHY launches are still working so well…
  • WHAT you need to do to create your own successful product launch, and…
  • HOW to apply strategies such as his Sideways Sales Letter to your own business for maximum results!…

If you missed it (or if you want to watch it again), he’s put the replay up at this link. (Note: If you haven’t registered for the PLF training yet, you may have to register first to get access to the replay)

You can go and watch it right now… the video is at the top of this page.

During the lesson, Jeff shared a bunch of Case Studies of previous students who showed exactly how they used his PLF process to launch their own products. He’s broken out those Case Studies into individual videos… and they’re on the right side of the page.

This first lesson will be a game changer for a lot of people… and you might be one of them. Again, the highlight of this lesson is learning about the one core strategy behind the most successful launches.

CLICK HERE to watch the replay of Lesson One

Warm regards,

Rocky Tapscott

Register For Part 1 Of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula Masterclass

OK, so Jeff Walker has officially opened the doors for registration to his all new Product Launch Formula Masterclass (register for your spot here).

This is hands down going to be the absolute best prelaunch he’s ever done, because he’s doing each piece of prelaunch content as a live broadcast, and he’ll be doing nearly three hours of content in EACH broadcast.

So What Is Jeff Going To Cover In Launch Masterclass #1?

  • First up, you’ll learn how to use sequences to create an amazing launch
  • Then he’ll go through his “Sideways Sales Letter”, how it’s revolutionized online marketing, and how to put it to work in your business
  • Then he’s going to cover the “PS Path” and what sort of content to put in each of your launch videos for the best results
  • He’ll look at how to layer the Mental Triggers into your prelaunch sequence so your product is magnetically attractive to your ideal customers, while repelling those people who aren’t a good fit for you
  • And finally he’ll show you how to deliver just the right amount of content in your prelaunch, so you deliver high-value but still make the sale

The first live broadcast will be on Thursday, so you should register here right now so you don’t miss the event.

Jeff WILL be sending out a replay of the Masterclass, but if you want to get extra content and a Q&A session where you can get all of your questions answered by Jeff himself, make sure you’re on the live broadcast.

Go here and register now, and I’ll see you on the Masterclass,

Warm regards