Never Launch A Product Or Service If It Doesn’t Have This Critical Factor

Product Launch Formula USPBefore you use a product launch to release your next product or service, it’s very important that you take the time to develop a USP or a “unique selling proposition” for it so you can quickly differentiate what you are offering from everything else in the market.

A USP is short statement that tells your prospects how the product or service you are about to launch is different and better than anything your competitors are offering.

You have to explain to your potential customers why they should buy this product, over every other alternative available to them, including doing nothing.

Here are some factors around which you can base your USP:

  • A strong guarantee.
  • Superior durability.
  • Unsurpassed dependability.
  • The lowest price.
  • The highest price.
  • Customer service.
  • What you are offering is made or supplied in a special way.
  • You are specially qualified to offer the product or service in a way nobody else can.
  • Your business was first in it’s category or the first with this innovation.

And so on.

The point is, look for the benefits and results that appeal to your customers.

The critical question to ask yourself when coming up with your USP is this:

How will buying your product or service transform the lives of the people who buy it?

Example: The car rental company Enterprise has the USP, “We pick you up.”

There may be other rental companies that pick their customers up, but Enterprise was the first one to advertise the fact and use it as their USP.

And this USP is indeed a good reason for prospects to choose Enterprise over the other rental companies because it saves the user time and money, and it’s much mrs convenient for them.

I know of a Pet Care Facility that lets customers drop their pets off and any one of a number of local vet surgeries when they are going away, and they’ll pick up the pets in a specially fitted out “Pet Transfer Shuttle” at no cost to the pet owner.

They are the only company that does this in our local area, and even though they are fairly new, they are constantly booked out.

How could you develop a gold-standard USP for your next product launch that your competitors simply can’t compete with?

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