4 Common Email Marketing Mistakes

Product Launch Formula Review

Product Launch Formula Review

In this Product Launch Strategy post, we’re going to share the solution for 4 of the biggest email marketing mistakes both PLF owners are guilty of making as well as people who don’t use Jeff Walker’s system.

If you use email marketing to sell your products or services, you’ve probably seen first hand how not all of your campaigns make you money.

There’s usually more than one cause for this: your messages might have been flagged as Spam, or you may not have followed up in the right way. Not being ready and stocked up for an influx of new customers is also a very common problem, as is not writing your messages to talk specifically to your target market.

Let’s have a look at how you can use some of the ideas in Product Launch Formula to increase the odds of making money from your email promotions by not falling into one or more of these traps…

Product Launch Tip #1 – Make Sure You Avoid Those Spam Filters

The first problem you are going to face is getting your messages through Spam filters so your readers actually get them. Every day we get stuff promoting products or services we aren’t interested in. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about LOL.

To stay out of your reader’s Spam folder, make sure your messages include helpful, useful and relevant content that your reader will find interesting. Jeff talks a lot about this in Product Launch Formula and it will make it much more likely your message will be received, opened, read and acted upon.

Product Launch Tip #2 – Follow Up Regularly

Not following up regularly is another major oversight that most business owners are guilty of. We’ve tested it extensively here at Product Launch Strategy and while sending your readers a single marketing email can make you a small amount of money, it’s WAY more profitable if you send out a well thought out, properly written sequence of emails instead.

When the messages you send are all strategically focused on moving your readers further down the path towards buying from you, you’ll get a much higher conversion rate than just sending a single message and hoping for the best. A dedicated sequence of 3 to 7 emails such as this will regularly outperform a single message, sometimes by a factor of 20 to 1 or even more.

Product Launch Tip #3 – Be Ready For More Sales

An additional mistake business owners fall into all the time, even more so when using an email sequence like this that works so well, is not preparing themselves for an influx of buyers because the offer was so successful.

The main reason you send marketing messages is to advertise products and services, so it’s important you are prepared for an increase in demand when you run a promotion. This is important because prospective purchasers who need to wait to get their purchase may just head to one of your competitors who can fulfill their order straight away.

Product Launch Tip #4 – Talk Directly To Your Audience 

And finally, one of the biggest and most costly email marketing mistakes we used to be guilty of here at Product Launch Strategy is not customizing your messages so they use the words people in your unique target audience use when they are talking amongst themselves.

This is a huge problem because your company’s email marketing will almost certainly be less profitable if you aren’t talking to your readers in a language they understand. If you send an email message to a big group of subscribers who are not targeted, you are going to be sorely disappointed. 

But if you send a very targeted message sequence to a smaller, much more targeted group of readers who all have an interest in solving the same problem, you can present the products you are promoting as the solution, and you will do do a whole lot better.

That really is the most important mistake people make, and the reason why it’s so important to send your messages to people in your target market and tailor them to fit your own audience. That way you are talking directly to your best prospects, and your offers will be closely tied to them and their desires.

If you’d like to learn how to do advanced email marketing that virtually hypnotises your audience to to a buying frenzy, then check out these Product Launch Formula videos.

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