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Supplement Your Product Launches With Speed & Simplicity

Product launches based on Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula process are a great way to generate a bunch of sales, but as you know they can be a LOT of work to pull off successfully.

And with all the planning, preparation, content creation, and getting the tech right, and then the launch itself taking a couple of weeks or more, getting from idea to cash in the bank can be weeks or even months.

I’ve also seen plenty of people holding Challenges where they present content live for 3 to 7 days (or more) and then make an offer at the end for a higher priced program.

The problem is there’s a lot of moving parts to these as well, and everyone’s busy so getting people to hang around and pay attention day after day is really difficult.

One thing I’ve learned is money loves speed.

And speed loves simplicity.

And over the last couple of months I’ve been using an idea a friend shared with me to make a bunch of sales (over just 3 days each time) using simple bite-sized offers that don’t take a lot of effort to put together.

I put the details in this Google document if you’d like to know more.

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How To Double Your Income By Complementing Your Big Ticket Sales

Using Jeff Walkers’ Product Launch Formula process to make big ticket sales for courses, coaching and consulting is a great way to generate a ton of Big Ticket sales in a relatively short period of time.

And I love Big Ticket as much as the next guy, but the fact is setting up for and running a launch to make those big ticket sales is a huge job that takes a LOT of time and energy to pull off.

This is not a Death of Big Ticket or Product Launches warning…

But only using Big Ticket to generate all of your income is kinda silly as a carpenter who only uses a hammer.

Fortunately there is another option.

In addition to running launches, my clients and I have been running 5 figure campaigns with low to mid ticket products…in a WEEKEND…

…with prices from $99 to $999…

What we’re calling ‘Mid Ticket Mojo’ tops up Paypal accounts nicely. 

I really love pulling this tool outta my box when I don’t have time to set up and run a product launch for a client.

  • No Product launch Content to create 
  • No 10-part email sequence to write
  • No waiting two weeks to get paid
  • No or (very little delivery) after the sale.

…great when you’re after “free and clear” cash.

…like if you wanna put some cash in the bank, so you can have some dry powder to buy assets cheap if everything goes to heck in a handbasket, ya know?

The pent up demand for mid ticket stuff blows me away too. 

Travis Sago, who shared the Mid Ticket Mojo idea with me, tells me some of his small Facebook groups have returned $100+ PER MEMBER. 

He says, “Watching $99, $499 to $999 sales notification fill up my email never gets old!”

And you know me.

I don’t do any fancy or complicated stuff.  

Pecking out a Google Doc and a raw Paypal link may not win any design awards?

But it’s simple, fast and it works…

BTW: There’s no law that says these folks can’t be offered big ticket stuff later either.

And you can continue using product launches to generate your Big Ticket sales like you’ve always done,

Travis calls it a 2nd Helping campaign. (Another thing I learned from him.)

Now, may I point out one more thing?

Today as ban happy, deplatform happy, cancel culture crazy…as things can be these days…

I wanna make sure I pull my BUYERS OFF of the Social platforms just in case something happens and I lose my audience. 

So, I do a happy jig when I can pull out anything from 5 to 50 BUYERS off social media platforms (some of them I don’t even own).

I don’t wanna leave my family’s financial future to chance. 

I’ve seen too many folks get wiped out. 

If all you’ve got is a $10,000 price tag…

…and you’ve got 1000 members/followers/whatever…

Even if you’ve sold 10% of everyone…

you still have NINE HUNDRED PEOPLE who haven’t bought from you. 

Which all falls off a cliff like zombies chasing brains if the ban hammer comes down. 

So, keep Big Ticket. 

But, I totally recommend diversifying your tool box. 

With a low to mid ticket offer and the 2 Page G Doc Cash Machine you can diversify now for 99 bucks…

===>Grab it here

For a lil more…

You get 2 tools for turning the low/mid ticket buyers into Big Ticket buyers…

===>It’s yours here

and for a wee bit more…

You get my a fun and simple campaign for GROWING an audience without spending a cent. This has been working since 2005 – and works even better today.  

===> Grab your tools here

If you don’t add to your toolbox with me, please diversify somehow!

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How To Monetise Your List In Between Your Product Launches

I’ve been asked about the best way to monetise an email list between product launches a few times and I thought I’d share a quick strategy that works very well for just about any business.

Since the beginning of the Pandemic, there is a growing trend of smart ecommerce companies adding sales of digital products to their physical product businesses. The fact is this is a massive, blue ocean opportunity and it’s great to see so many businesses heading in that direction.

Done right, there’s virtually no downside for the business with massive upside allowing them to significantly increase sales and profits with very low overheads, especially when they are selling products as a affiliate.

Most ecommerce businesses don’t realise the value of the asset they have created with their customer databases, and they don’t know how to capitalise on it.

Product Launches Have Their Limits

As you’ve seen from other posts on this site, Product Launches are a very good way to generate big paydays for some businesses that have a solid customer database, although they are a LOT of work.

The other factor is you can’t continually ‘launch’ to the same people because you will burn out your email list and damage the relationship you have with your audience.

So what can you do BETWEEN launches to nurture that relationship while continuing to make profitable sales?

These days I prefer to create simple campaigns consisting of a short message inviting people to raise their hands to let my clients know they are interested in something.

For those who reply I follow up with a couple of messages with questions to qualify them, and if they qualify based on their answers, we make them an offer for the client’s (or even somebody else’s) high-ticket program or SAAS.

Then I finalise sales using email or text chat and get paid based on the results I achieve.

It’s less risky and less stressful than running a product launch, and because we are promoting a high ticket product or service, the profits are usually great.

And the best part is, the people don’t see the first short message as a ‘pitch’ because only those who are interested reply, and it doesn’t upset the rest of your people. That means your regular mailing schedule isn’t impacted in any way.

If you would like to discuss how you might be able to use this strategy in your business to generate high ticket sales even if you don’t have a high ticket program of your own, feel free to get in touch by emailing me at rttgemails [at] gmail.com and I’ll get back to you with all the details.

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