How To Do A Seed Launch Step By Step

As Jeff Walker teaches in his Product Launch Formula training, the first launch you should do if you don’t have a list or a product is a Seed Launch.

The Seed Launch is AWESOME if:

  • You’re just starting out and you don’t have a list or product.
  • You’ve got an existing business and you want to test out a new idea.
  • You want to get paid before you actually create the product.
  • You’re a “perfectionist” and you’re having a hard time ever finishing your products.

Here are the quick steps you’ll be taking in your Seed Launch

Step 1: Gather your initial Seed list

Start to gather a small Seed List with a simple squeeze page to collect email addresses in exchange for a Lead Magnet or some premium content

Send a personal email to everybody you know telling them you are starting a newsletter on ______ topic,and asking them if they’d like to receive it.

Publish or post ideas related to your topic on social media channels including groups related to your niche market.

Once you’ve gathered 100 email addresses, continue to Step 2.

Step 2: Put together a simplified Sideways Sales Letter

See video 1 in this series if you need a refresher on the Sideways Sales Letter.

Your simplified Sideways Sales Letter doesn’t have to be fancy, and it doesn’t have to be video… it can be a series of emails or social media posts.

Make an offer for a series of 3-7 group coaching calls where you deliver your content on a one-to-many format.

Step 3: Deliver your content over a series of webinars or teleseminars

Split your topic area into a series of sub-topics, and teach one for each call.

Before the first call, send out a super-short survey to find out the top questions on that sub-topic so you know what your students want to know the most.

Use the survey responses to plan what you need to cover on the first call.

Repeat the surveys after each call asking what additional questions they have on the upcoming sub-topic. Use the questions to plan the call.

Record everything, get it transcribed, and package your recordings and transcripts into a product.

Then you’re ready to do an Internal Launch to the people on your email database who didn’t participate in your Seed Launch training.

To learn more about how to do your Seed Launch, watch this training video from Jeff Walker.

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