How To Raise Your Prices Regardless Of Your Competition

The beautiful thing about holding a product launch (even if your product or service itself is not actually ‘new’), is that because of the way your launch becomes an event (instead of merely a promotion), you can significantly raise your prices.

That’s because by giving away tremendous value through your pre-launch content, adding a range of bonuses to also increase value, and positioning your product or service as the obvious choice to solve the problem your prospects have, you are demonstrating the value you are offering in exchange for their money.

I’ve seen products that originally sold for $197 or $297 being sold for $997 or even $1997 through a product launch.

Are the people buying at the higher price being ripped off?

Occasionally, but the fact is if you can prove the your product or service offers much more value than the price, you’re sweet.

Also, the previous price may have been artificially low as a way of getting customers quickly, or because it contained less, or was not as high a quality, or a whole host of other reasons.

The thing is, most people NEVER buy based on price.

They buy based on VALUE.

If you can position your product or service as offering superior value than your competitors’, then you win.

And one of the easiest ways to present this additional value is to create a product launch. You can learn how to do that by watching this video.

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