Another Simple Way To Profit From Your Content Upgrades

In this previous post, we looked at how you can build your product launch list much more quickly by using Content Upgrades.

But there are a number of other ways you can increase your website’s income using the same strategy.

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Here’s an example of a site (you can see the site here – but the Ad may have changed) showing an invitation to an evergreen webinar as an in-context Google Adwords ad…

Content Upgrade Adwords

This strategy is commonly referred to as ‘Native Advertising”, because it blends so easily with the content of the website.

And just as with a list-building Content Upgrade, the click through rates and conversions are usually much higher than many other forms of advertising.

This example is so powerful because the ad is within an article on a property investment website, is about how many more rental properties are being created (increasing competition for tenants), and offers property investors the opportunity to build more passive income from their property portfolio.

Can you see how laser targeted this is?

The person placing ads like this is likely totally cleaning up.

So Let’s Flip This Content Upgrade Idea Around

Once you’ve created, tested and proven your content upgrades are converting really well, you could start running them on other people’s websites as either Adwords ads like this one, or as paid insertion deals you make privately with the blog or website owner.

If you are careful to place your ads on pages that are very similar to the ones your own content upgrade ads work well on, you should be able to generate similar results.

Imagine how powerful it could be to generate super-targeted leads if your conversion rate from ad display to optin is just a dollar or two?

In these days of prohibitively expensive traffic, generating prospects like this has to be a no brainer.

Of course, getting targeted traffic to your website is just one important part of running a successful Product Launch Formula launch.

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