The Product Launch Formula “Quick Launch”

Product Launch Formula Review

Product Launch Formula Review

In this Product Launch Strategy post, we’re going to look at another style of launch Jeff Walker teaches you in his PLF training.

It’s called the Quick Launch, and this is the launch you’ll be doing regularly to make some quick profits if you have an existing list of customers and prospects you can make offers to.

The idea is this – Product Launch Formula shows you why using email sequences instead of just sending ad-hoc email promotions to your list is so powerful. It also shows you how to turn each promotion into an EVENT.

The Beauty Of A Product Launch Formula Style Quick Launch

With this in mind, while the full PLF system is extremely powerful, it takes a couple of weeks to roll out a full launch. But a Quick Launch can be done in a few days, and it takes only a couple of hours to set up.

The idea is you come up with a product you’d like to promote as a special offer.

Then you create an event of some kind around that product, and tie that event into a story and give people a ‘reason why’ the event is happening.

Then you offer your readers some kind of special offer (a discount or added bonuses for a limited time, for example) using a specific style of email sequence that’s designed to get people to buy NOW.

The key psychological triggers (as discussed in Product Launch Formula) used in a Quick Launch can include liking, reciprocity, the bargain, scarcity, and commitment and consistency.

These powerful triggers when used in the right sequence usually result in a fast burst of sales from people who where either on the fence about buying your product, or who can see the benefit of buying it while the special promotion is running.

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And the beauty of the Quick Launch is you can do one or more of them every month, and because of the way the emails are structured, you aren’t annoying people, and you are actually increasing the goodwill you have in your marketplace.

The Quick Launch One-Two Punch

When you use a Quick Launch in combination with a Seed Launch, you can get a double whammy effect, because you are offering a new product or service people haven’t seen before, over a short period of time.

And your readers will LOVE you for giving them exactly what they want, and at a great price, or with extra bonuses for buying right away.

So I hope this gives you some insights into what a Quick Launch can do for your business. if you’d like to learn more about what’s in Jeff Walker’s new PLF program, check out our Product Launch Formula Review.

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