Can I Get Personal 1 On 1 Coaching With Product Launch Formula?

Jeff Walker did a ‘soft opening’ in today’s third live Masterclass call and during the call a couple of people emailed and asked me if the Product Launch Formula training included personal 1 on 1 coaching.

While it has a LOT of awesome personal interaction included, things like live coaching calls from Jeff and his coaches until the end of this year, it doesn’t include personal coaching as such.

However because I recently used a Seed Launch to generate nearly A$20,000 before the product was created, I thought I’d do something I haven’t done for years and that is offer personal 1 on 1 coaching to you if you order PLF through my affiliate link.

Now of course I can’t guarantee you will earn anything like I did with my Seed Launch, this was just my experience with my Seed Launch (you could do even better, who knows), but the process is still fresh in my mind and I’d be happy to help you to use this easy strategy to help you get a quick start with the PLF process.

So if you are thinking about joining the Product Launch Formula training…

…in addition to everything you get from Jeff, if your order comes through my affiliate link (Full Disclosure – that means I will receive a referral fee from Jeff although the price you pay is exactly the same) I would be happy to jump on some live Zoom coaching calls with you as you go through the program and personally help you with your strategy and answer your questions.

I will also answer your questions by email if you need some clarification as my way of helping you to crush it with your first launch.

I haven’t done this for a long time, but I’m really excited about how well PLF works after my recent launch so if it would be helpful I’d be happy to offer this personal support to you.

Of course I can’t offer this to everybody or I’d get killed in the rush, so I’ll be limiting the number of people who get personal access to me so it is manageable.

So if having 1 on 1 coaching and support is of interest, please reply to this message and let me know a little about your business and what you’d like to use the PLF process for.

For now check out the replay of the live Masterclass call here (this is my affiliate link) when you have a chance and then please let me know if you’d like to take me up on this.

Warm regards,

Rocky Tapscott

Disclaimer: If you purchase PLF through my affiliate link I may receive a referral fee from Jeff Walker, however you will pay no more to purchase the program through me than if you went directly to the Product Launch Formula website. If you would like my personal help as you create your first launch using the PLF process, check out my PLF Bonus offer here.

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