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How To Leverage Your Product Launch List To Double Your Profits

One of the biggest benefits you’ll get from running a Launch based on the Product Launch Formula process is the way you can leverage your product launch list to double your profits as you go through the pre-launch and launch process.

NOTE: If you are looking for a Product Launch Formula Bonus that includes personal 1:1 coaching to actually help you to succeed with PLF, you can learn more here.

This works out especially well if you use a JV Launch where you have other people send you their prospects in exchange for a referral fee when somebody they sent buys your product.

Now having built your list with a launch, one of the keys to leveraging this asset is to continue to put popular offers in front of your audience after your launch is complete. It’s usually best if you sell your own products and services because these tend to put the most gross profit in your pocket.

But not everybody on your list will buy your stuff (in fact probably only 10% of them will) but those people are always buying other products and services related to what you sell. So why not find out what else they are buying and let them buy it from you instead of somebody else?

And the great thing about promoting great products as an affiliate is that anything you earn is 100% profit. The merchant takes and processes the order, looks after customer support, manages any refunds, and does all of the backend stuff required to make the sale.

Then they send you a cheque or pay you via Paypal. Pretty cool gig.

The thing is you can’t just run over to ClickBank or some other affiliate network, grab any old product to promote, and expect an avalanche for sales and commissions. If you want to make your affiliate sales “P.O.P.,” then check out this simple formula:

• Pick the Right Product
• Offer a Bonus
• Presell the Offer

Let’s take closer look…

Product Launch Formula Quiz

Pick The Right Product

A little research upfront will save you frustration down the road. That’s why you’ll want to follow these steps and tips when deciding what to promote…

Choose Something Popular

Affiliate sites like ClickBank let you specifically choose popular products that are selling well, so be sure to do your research and choose an in-demand offer.

Review the Product Yourself

Even if the product sells well and gets good reviews, read and use it yourself to be sure it’s something you’ll be proud to promote. The best products and services to promote are those you use and love personally. Things you can talk about honestly and be happy promoting.

Research the Vendor

If you’re unfamiliar with the seller, search their name and business name in Google to be sure they have a good reputation in the niche. Avoid anyone with red flags such as poor customer service, poor quality products, not paying affiliates, using black hat marketing and so on. It’s your reputation on the line here. Be careful to protect it and always work in your customer’s interests.

Check the Sales Page

Now you need to take a look at the sales page. First, check that it looks professional and is well-written. You might also ask the vendor what sort of conversion rate it’s getting.

Secondly, be sure there aren’t sales leaks or attempts at commission hijacking. These are any unnecessary links or promos that are likely to dampen conversions.

For example, if a popup window appears that offers a discount if someone clicks a link, check if that link still rewards you (the affiliate).

Another example: if there is a one-time offer or other upsell/cross-sell, be sure your affiliate link doesn’t get stripped if people take advantage of these offers.

Another example: check the sales page for payment options that don’t track and credit affiliates. Some people will do whatever the can to screw affiliates. We don’t want to work with these people.

If the product checks out, then move to the next step…

Offer a Valuable Bonus that Enhances the Product

If you look around your niche, you’ll notice that you certainly aren’t the only person who’s promoting this particular offer. In fact there may be dozens or even hundreds of others all promoting the same thing.

And while the vast majority of these people aren’t really “true” competition (since most just throw a banner up on their site and call it day), you definitely will have SOME competition. If you want to generate sales, then you need to stand out from these other serious affiliates.

How? By offering a bonus to anyone who purchases the product through your affiliate link.

TIP: You should also work to stand out in a broader sense, by becoming a trusted “gatekeeper” who only promotes solid offers and who only sends the best content to your list.

The keys to a good bonus are as follows:

• It’s in-demand. As always, do your market research to see what your audience wants.

• It’s valuable. This should be something that your market would eagerly pay for (in some cases, it may even be something that you currently sell that you’re offering for free)

• It’s easy to deliver. Ideally, it should be a digital product that you can deliver to your customers automatically.

• It’s highly related to the main offer. This is the most important key to offering a bonus – it should be something that actually enhances the users’ experience of the product and makes the entire offer more valuable.

For example, if the main offer is an organic gardening guide, you might offer a pest-identification and eradication video. Or if the main offer is a dieting membership site, you might offer a free set of low-calorie cookbooks that fit in with the dieting guidelines being taught inside the site.

Your bonus could take a variety of forms, including membership site access, private group access, ebooks/reports, videos, audios, tools (such as worksheets, checklists, templates and similar), software/apps, and similar.

Note: High-value bonuses like personal coaching are likely to create plenty of conversions, but they may also create a time crunch for you. If you do decide to offer a service, then make sure you only promote it with high-ticket offers, and you may also limit the number available so that you don’t fall behind.

Now the final step of the “P.O.P.” formula…

Presell the Offer

It took me YEARS to truly understand how to pre-sell effectively, but when done correctly it is an extremely powerful strategy. Even if the product has a pretty good sales page that makes an irresistible offer, you still need to warm up your audience before they land on the sales page. You do this by telling your audience about the emotionally-charged benefits they will get when they order, as well as the additional benefits they will receive when they buy with your bonus included.

Here’s the key: don’t just send out one email and expect a bunch of sales. Instead, create a series of three to five emails promoting the affiliate offer.

For example, you might send out a series that looks like this:

Email 1: Introduces the offer, shares the benefits, and promotes your bonus. (Note: oftentimes product vendors will create “copy and paste” emails for you to use. You can go ahead and use these, but make sure you tweak them to personalise them to your voice and for your audience.)

Email 2: Share proof that the product works. Ideally you’ll share your own case study of how well the product works, the results you had, and how your life is better now than it was before.

Email 3: “Last call” email. If there is any sort of special offer going on (such as a Product Launch special), then send an email reminding people the special ends soon. Otherwise, you can use this email to announce your bonus might be going away (at least temporarily), or to cover benefits not mentioned elsewhere or answer frequently asked questions about the product.

TIP: For best results, analyze the product to determine what objections may have to purchasing the product, and then raise and answer those objections within this email. Whenever possible, offer a bonus that helps minimise or even better remove the objections people have for buying.

For example, let’s suppose you’re promoting a dieting guide. And let’s further suppose that one common objection is that busy parents say they don’t have time to cook healthy meals. You can offer a bonus of a cookbook with quick, easy and delicious meals. Not only does this cookbook make a great bonus on it’s own, it effectively handles the “too busy” objection.


Selling affiliate offers is a great way to make money with your newsletter or as stand-alone email campaigns a few times each month. Just be sure to use the sales POP system to pick high quality products, offer an awesome bonus, and presell the offers so people truly understand the benefits and RESULTS they can expect to get when they become a customer.

Of course having a growing email list of people who want to hear from you is a pre-requisite for promoting affiliates products in any sort of volume, and one of the best ways to build that email list is by doing a product Launch.

For a great example of how Jeff Walker has built his list to a huge size using JV launches along with examples of email sequences and case studies of people who have used PLF with outstanding success, by checking out Jeff Walker’s free Product Launch Masterclass here.

Talk soon,


P.S. Being able to create a Perfect Product is a great start, but you also need a way to generate sales in a consistent way. Running a Product launch is a proven way to not only build your list, but generate Social Proof and make a large number of sales quickly. To learn how to launch your product successfully, check out Jeff Walker’s free Product Launch Masterclass here.

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Personal Help & Coaching Product Launch Formula Bonus

As you know, you can now register for Jeff Walker’s PLF and I’d like to offer you a valuable Product Launch Formula bonus if you register through my affiliate link.

And a lot of Jeff’s affiliates are offering a bunch of ‘Bonuses’ as a way to get you to purchase PLF through their affiliate link in order to earn a referral fee.

The thing is, virtually every ‘Bonus’ being offered is going to sidetrack you and create a bunch of additional work to do BEFORE you can start to get any results..

Most of these ‘Bonus’ offers just end up being a ‘Crap Stack’ of random overpriced junk that will have little practical value for you.

That’s why I’m offering something that will actually HELP you to succeed with Product Launch Formula

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Some of the things we could work on over Zoom or inside the Facebook group could include:

  • Helping you to create a kick arse Lead Magnet that will quickly grow your launch email list
  • Reviewing your Pre Launch Content and email sequences and giving you critical feedback based on 15 years of PLF ownership
  • Showing you how to create an absolute buying frenzy for your product or program so people are desperate to buy from you
  • Fine tuning your offer to make it a no-brainer for people to say Yes instead of a No or ‘I want to think it over’ when they see it
  • Showing you how to use a ‘Conversational Close’ via email or text message to convert many more people into buyers
  • And together we can troubleshoot any problems you have over the next few months

I don’t need to tell you how much this personal help from an experienced PLF owner could be worth.

Probably more than a Crap Stack, LOL

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I’m really looking forward to working with you if you come on board PLF through my affiliate link.

You got this!

Warm regards,

Rocky Tapscott

P.S. If you would like to chat on the phone or over Zoom before ordering (we only have a few days before the launch closes), please text me first on +61418788482 (Australia) or get in touch by email as explained here and we can discuss whether Product Launch Formula is right for you.

Disclaimer: If you purchase PLF through my affiliate link I may receive a referral fee from Jeff Walker, however you will pay no more to purchase the program through me than if you went directly to the Product Launch Formula website.

Can I Get Personal 1 On 1 Coaching With Product Launch Formula?

Jeff Walker did a ‘soft opening’ in today’s third live Masterclass call and during the call a couple of people emailed and asked me if the Product Launch Formula training included personal 1 on 1 coaching.

While it has a LOT of awesome personal interaction included, things like live coaching calls from Jeff and his coaches until the end of this year, it doesn’t include personal coaching as such.

However because I recently used a Seed Launch to generate nearly A$20,000 before the product was created, I thought I’d do something I haven’t done for years and that is offer personal 1 on 1 coaching to you if you order PLF through my affiliate link.

Now of course I can’t guarantee you will earn anything like I did with my Seed Launch, this was just my experience with my Seed Launch (you could do even better, who knows), but the process is still fresh in my mind and I’d be happy to help you to use this easy strategy to help you get a quick start with the PLF process.

So if you are thinking about joining the Product Launch Formula training…

…in addition to everything you get from Jeff, if your order comes through my affiliate link (Full Disclosure – that means I will receive a referral fee from Jeff although the price you pay is exactly the same) I would be happy to jump on some live Zoom coaching calls with you as you go through the program and personally help you with your strategy and answer your questions.

I will also answer your questions by email if you need some clarification as my way of helping you to crush it with your first launch.

I haven’t done this for a long time, but I’m really excited about how well PLF works after my recent launch so if it would be helpful I’d be happy to offer this personal support to you.

Of course I can’t offer this to everybody or I’d get killed in the rush, so I’ll be limiting the number of people who get personal access to me so it is manageable.

So if having 1 on 1 coaching and support is of interest, please reply to this message and let me know a little about your business and what you’d like to use the PLF process for.

For now check out the replay of the live Masterclass call here (this is my affiliate link) when you have a chance and then please let me know if you’d like to take me up on this.

Warm regards,

Rocky Tapscott

Disclaimer: If you purchase PLF through my affiliate link I may receive a referral fee from Jeff Walker, however you will pay no more to purchase the program through me than if you went directly to the Product Launch Formula website. If you would like my personal help as you create your first launch using the PLF process, check out my PLF Bonus offer here.

DEADLINE – Product Launch Formula Closes Tonight

Just a really quick note… Jeff Walker is closing registration for Product Launch Formula in just a few hours, at midnight U.S. Pacific time tonight:

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How Would You Sum Up Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula?

To tell you the truth, back in 2008 when I first hit the order button to purchase Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula training, I was shitting myself.

The Australian Dollar was weak against the US dollar, and because I had failed at so many things in the past, I had no reason to think this would work either.

PLF was by far the most expensive information product I had ever bought (and I’d purchased just about everything) but there was just something about Jeff and his approach that gave me a glimmer of confidence that maybe this time it would work.

So I ordered the big box of CDs and DVDs and Manuals (no online learning much then) and waited for it to arrive from the United States.

It took a couple of weeks to get here and by then I was going through the worst case of buyers remorse I had ever experienced.

Anyhow I pushed down the fear I was feeling and dug into the DVD training and put together a rough and ready Product Launch for a training program I had cobbled together, priced it at $37.00 (it was easily worth 10 times that but I was desperate) and launched it to my tiny list of people new to this ‘internet marketing’ thing.

I did a LOT of things wrong and blundered through the 7 day launch sequence but by the end of the week I had earned enough to recoup the cost of Product Launch Formula and had a few hundred dollars left over.

I was hooked!

There’s nothing like the confidence you get when you finally see something actually WORK as advertised.

The First Product Launch Is The Hardest

I’ve used various techniques Jeff teaches in PLF over and over again through the years and every time the process gets results.

Sometimes average, sometimes extraordinary.

Can you fail if you grab Jeff’s training and follow the instructions?

Yes you can. In the private PLF Members Facebook group there are often people who post that they launched this or that and made zero sales.

It’s gut wrenching to see these stories, but it’s wonderful to see how the community rallies around the people who share their stories. And once the PLF Coaches, the Support Team and other PLF owners have helped them out, just about everyone who had thought they had ‘failed’ ultimately succeeds.

So What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

The PLF Process works extremely well, but sometimes as humans we just don’t implement it correctly. There are a few common reasons for a launch to not work initially. Here are a few of them:

  • Maybe we get bogged down and go into a tiny niche that doesn’t have passionate buyers (we call this a starving crowd)
  • Maybe we go too broad and are trying to compete with huge corporations with unlimited marketing budgets (they’ll eat us alive if we do)
  • Maybe we don’t find out exactly what problem our audience wants to solve, or the solution we think they want solved isn’t something they will pay for (some things just aren’t emotionally ‘felt’ enough for people to pay for a solution)
  • Maybe we just miss on the messaging in one or more of our Pre Launch Videos or emails and we don’t resonate with our audience
  • Maybe it’s one of a hundred other problems…

The great thing is we can compartmentalise everything in our launch and by testing work out where we went wrong. For example:

  • If we don’t have people joining our email list, it means our Lead Magnet is missing the mark and we need to try a different approach or offer
  • If people join our email list but don’t click through to our Prelaunch Content our email messaging needs some improvement
  • If people click through from the emails to our Pre Launch content and don’t finish watching or reading, we are not connecting with their most intense pain or desire (Perry Marshall calls this going for the ‘Bleeding Neck’)
  • If they are watching all of the Pre Launch content but don’t buy our offer is not strong enough (a ‘Hell Yes!’ offer will make up for a lot of mistakes made earlier on during the launch)

Naturally there are smaller steps within each of these major areas and they can all be tested, but the thing I’m trying to impress upon you is that just because your first ‘Launch’ didn’t give you the result you were expecting, it ain’t over.

The Product Launch Formula process includes so many fail-safe features that you can do nearly everything wrong and still make some sales. As you go through after your first launch and clean up the areas where your process fell down a little, you make the next one better and the next one even better again.

Creating A Product Or A Business And Launching It Using Plf Is A Journey, NOT An Event

Does it involve work? Yes, but nothing of value is ever created without work.

Does it take commitment? Yes, you have to keep going through the roadblocks until you reach the end.

Is it life-changing when everything comes together? YES!

Would You Like My Personal Help With Your First Product Launch?

Now a lot of affiliates are offering all sorts of ‘Bonuses’ as a way to ‘Bribe’ you into purchasing Product Launch Formula through their affiliate link.

Virtually every ‘Bonus’ is a bunch of additional CONTENT you need to go through to extract any real benefit.

PLF is big enough as it is without having even more (often off topic or useless) stuff to try to work through. What other affiliates offer is usually a ‘Crap Stack’ of redundant information or overpriced junk that will have little practical value over and above what you will learn in PLF.

That’s why I’d like to do something different. Something that will actually HELP you to succeed with Product Launch Formula.

If you decide you would like to invest in PLF and you do so through my affiliate link (this one here) and your purchase is credited to me, you can have up to 3 1-hour Live Zoom Meetings with me personally where we can strategise your launch, review your Pre launch Content and email sequences, troubleshoot any problems, or I will help you anything else you need so you can kick it out of the park with your first launch.

I don’t need to tell you how much this personal help could be worth. Probably a lot more in the long run than a Crap Stack of additional content you will never get around to using because it will just distract you from the core PLF training.

Anyhow, if you would like my help for your first product launch, just order PLF through one of the links on this page and then let me know by emailing me at

I’ll keep an eye out for your order and as soon as it’s confirmed by Jeff Walker we can get together to start strategising your launch.

I’m really looking forward to working with you if you come on board PLF through my affiliate link.

You got this!

Warm regards,

Rocky Tapscott

P.S. If you would like to chat on the phone or over Zoom before ordering (we only have a few days before the launch closes), please text me first on +61418788482 (Australia) or email me at and we can discuss whether Product Launch Formula is right for you.