How Would You Sum Up Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula?

To tell you the truth, back in 2008 when I first hit the order button to purchase Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula training, I was shitting myself.

The Australian Dollar was weak against the US dollar, and because I had failed at so many things in the past, I had no reason to think this would work either.

PLF was by far the most expensive information product I had ever bought (and I’d purchased just about everything) but there was just something about Jeff and his approach that gave me a glimmer of confidence that maybe this time it would work.

So I ordered the big box of CDs and DVDs and Manuals (no online learning much then) and waited for it to arrive from the United States.

It took a couple of weeks to get here and by then I was going through the worst case of buyers remorse I had ever experienced.

Anyhow I pushed down the fear I was feeling and dug into the DVD training and put together a rough and ready Product Launch for a training program I had cobbled together, priced it at $37.00 (it was easily worth 10 times that but I was desperate) and launched it to my tiny list of people new to this ‘internet marketing’ thing.

I did a LOT of things wrong and blundered through the 7 day launch sequence but by the end of the week I had earned enough to recoup the cost of Product Launch Formula and had a few hundred dollars left over.

I was hooked!

There’s nothing like the confidence you get when you finally see something actually WORK as advertised.

The First Product Launch Is The Hardest

I’ve used various techniques Jeff teaches in PLF over and over again through the years and every time the process gets results.

Sometimes average, sometimes extraordinary.

Can you fail if you grab Jeff’s training and follow the instructions?

Yes you can. In the private PLF Members Facebook group there are often people who post that they launched this or that and made zero sales.

It’s gut wrenching to see these stories, but it’s wonderful to see how the community rallies around the people who share their stories. And once the PLF Coaches, the Support Team and other PLF owners have helped them out, just about everyone who had thought they had ‘failed’ ultimately succeeds.

So What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

The PLF Process works extremely well, but sometimes as humans we just don’t implement it correctly. There are a few common reasons for a launch to not work initially. Here are a few of them:

  • Maybe we get bogged down and go into a tiny niche that doesn’t have passionate buyers (we call this a starving crowd)
  • Maybe we go too broad and are trying to compete with huge corporations with unlimited marketing budgets (they’ll eat us alive if we do)
  • Maybe we don’t find out exactly what problem our audience wants to solve, or the solution we think they want solved isn’t something they will pay for (some things just aren’t emotionally ‘felt’ enough for people to pay for a solution)
  • Maybe we just miss on the messaging in one or more of our Pre Launch Videos or emails and we don’t resonate with our audience
  • Maybe it’s one of a hundred other problems…

The great thing is we can compartmentalise everything in our launch and by testing work out where we went wrong. For example:

  • If we don’t have people joining our email list, it means our Lead Magnet is missing the mark and we need to try a different approach or offer
  • If people join our email list but don’t click through to our Prelaunch Content our email messaging needs some improvement
  • If people click through from the emails to our Pre Launch content and don’t finish watching or reading, we are not connecting with their most intense pain or desire (Perry Marshall calls this going for the ‘Bleeding Neck’)
  • If they are watching all of the Pre Launch content but don’t buy our offer is not strong enough (a ‘Hell Yes!’ offer will make up for a lot of mistakes made earlier on during the launch)

Naturally there are smaller steps within each of these major areas and they can all be tested, but the thing I’m trying to impress upon you is that just because your first ‘Launch’ didn’t give you the result you were expecting, it ain’t over.

The Product Launch Formula process includes so many fail-safe features that you can do nearly everything wrong and still make some sales. As you go through after your first launch and clean up the areas where your process fell down a little, you make the next one better and the next one even better again.

Creating A Product Or A Business And Launching It Using Plf Is A Journey, NOT An Event

Does it involve work? Yes, but nothing of value is ever created without work.

Does it take commitment? Yes, you have to keep going through the roadblocks until you reach the end.

Is it life-changing when everything comes together? YES!

Would You Like My Personal Help With Your First Product Launch?

Now a lot of affiliates are offering all sorts of ‘Bonuses’ as a way to ‘Bribe’ you into purchasing Product Launch Formula through their affiliate link.

Virtually every ‘Bonus’ is a bunch of additional CONTENT you need to go through to extract any real benefit.

PLF is big enough as it is without having even more (often off topic or useless) stuff to try to work through. What other affiliates offer is usually a ‘Crap Stack’ of redundant information or overpriced junk that will have little practical value over and above what you will learn in PLF.

That’s why I’d like to do something different. Something that will actually HELP you to succeed with Product Launch Formula.

If you decide you would like to invest in PLF and you do so through my affiliate link (this one here) and your purchase is credited to me, you can have up to 3 1-hour Live Zoom Meetings with me personally where we can strategise your launch, review your Pre launch Content and email sequences, troubleshoot any problems, or I will help you anything else you need so you can kick it out of the park with your first launch.

I don’t need to tell you how much this personal help could be worth. Probably a lot more in the long run than a Crap Stack of additional content you will never get around to using because it will just distract you from the core PLF training.

Anyhow, if you would like my help for your first product launch, just order PLF through one of the links on this page and then let me know by emailing me at

I’ll keep an eye out for your order and as soon as it’s confirmed by Jeff Walker we can get together to start strategising your launch.

I’m really looking forward to working with you if you come on board PLF through my affiliate link.

You got this!

Warm regards,

Rocky Tapscott

P.S. If you would like to chat on the phone or over Zoom before ordering (we only have a few days before the launch closes), please text me first on +61418788482 (Australia) or email me at and we can discuss whether Product Launch Formula is right for you.

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