Get People To Buy Before, During And After Your Product Launch

I’ve run and watched a lot of people do a Product Launch over the years, and one of the key differences between those that hit it out of the park and those that fail is the ability to get the attention of your audience by targeting their present pain.

A lot of people try to make sales by focusing on future gain, but addressing a prospects present pain and offering them a dream come true solution is your key to making a bunch of sales during your launch.

With this in mind, I thought I’d share this story from my friend Travis Sago. There are many lessons contained here apart from the obvious:

More Sales Opportunities Than You Can Shake a Stick At…

At about age 10, I was an Opie Taylor ugly kid…

…all freckles, elbows and knees.

I’d paint house numbers on the curb for folks for extra baseball cards and pinball money.

I had to knock on doors to get business.

I sucked (at first).

You got about 2 secs before you get the door slammed in your face.

I wasn’t a pretty little Shirley Temple…or cute like “Mikey” on the cereal commercials.

I was pigheadedly persistent, though, so I had that going. ????

My one-liner was something like, “Hey, Mister, would you like me to paint your curb number for ya?”

“Not interested!


I’d knock on 5 or 10 doors before I got a “yes.”

The problem was my bike limited my “territory.”

I lived in Riverside, Ca, so I had some room for error, but Mom would only let me expand so far!

One day, I got an excited “yes,” which was unusual.

My “client” told me she’d just ordered pizza the night before and it took forever and her kids were wailing because the pizza guy couldn’t find her house.

“NOTE TO SELF!” I thought.

And this changed everything.

Now when they opened the door, I jangled my bucket and supplies and asked them, “Do you order pizza or carryout?”

(This was BEFORE Dominoes.)

Between the curious confusion about my bucket and the “Pizza” question…I almost always got a “yes.”

“Do you ever have to wait forever? While your stomach eats itself and the kids are going crazy?”


“That’s cuz the pizza dude can’t see your house number. Would ya like me to paint it back on there for ya?”

The next question was almost always, “How much?”

Then I “had ’em” because I could paint it on cheaper than they could buy all the supplies.

It was unusual for me to knock on 10 doors and NOT get almost everyone to pony up 10 bucks with my “new offer.”

Which was HOT FOOD, faster!

Who doesn’t want thaaaat?

Moral of the story…

They wouldn’t gimme 2 seconds when I started in with my PRODUCT.

But they gave me just enough time when I started with a PRESENT PAIN and showed them how I could relieve that pain!

I sweatergod, getting this made me one of the richest kids in the neighbourhood.

Today, this is even more important in posts, emails, VSL openers, etc.

You’ve got 2 seconds or LESS to not get the virtual door slammed in your face.

The 1st thing you say, better answer WHY they should pay attention.

The 1st sale you must make is getting their attention.

Smarty McSmarty Pants is wagging his head up and down, saying, “I know that already!”

But then he posts a big long post talking the logical reasons folks should attend his workshop or buy his product or whatever.

Now, if they’re Kim Kardashian or Brad Pitt…

They can probably lollygag a bit and they’ll keep the door open for them.

For the rest of us…

We want to start with an Escape from Hell Symptom so we open up their earhole and heart…and THEN talk about heaven and how we can help them.

Rocky here again: As I mentioned, there are a lot of lessons in this post, apart from the obvious one which is we have to get our prospect’s attention during your Product Launch by talking about their PRESENT PAIN instead of blabbing on about our product or service (eg. A missed or late pizza delivery was their present pain).

How many more lessons can you see hidden in plain sight in this post?

If you’d like me to share them all with you, and then show you how to implement them in your business, just let me know by getting in touch here and I’ll get back to you with the details.

Talk soon!


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