How To Use Product Launch Formula To Persuade Rather Than Manipulate

I’ve always been fascinated by the subtle difference between persuasion and manipulation. And because the multi-stage sales process Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula uses is so powerful, it can be used to either persuade people… or to manipulate them.

Let me explain…

The difference between persuasion and manipulation can be very subtle, but I’ve found it comes down to one core idea – your intent.

Persuasion is when your intent is to move somebody towards making a decision that benefits THEM much more than it benefits you. Manipulation is trying to move people towards a decision that benefits YOU, and can often mean negative consequences for the other person.

We see this every day. The stereotypical ‘dodgy’ salesman who’s trying to get a prospect to buy an overpriced or shoddy product or service that pays them an exorbitant commission, when they know what they are selling of little or no use to the customer.

Or some ‘health guru’ promoting their miracle weight loss product knowing full well it’s not going to help people lose weight, and could actually harm their health.

Persuasion leads to having happy customers who trust you and often buy from you over the long-term. Manipulation usually leads to being exposed and labeled as a fraud and a scammer, which is not the way to create a valuable legacy for yourself and your family.

So when you use the powerful Product Launch Formula process of multiple, timed releases of valuable content (what Jeff Walker calls The Sideways Salesletter), make sure your focus is on persuading your prospects using emotion, facts and logic, rather than manipulating them using deception and hype.

Note: Jeff is going to start rolling out his latest Product Launch Formula launch in a couple of weeks, so it’s probably a good idea for you to register for the waiting list for this PLF launch and watch how he does it. The free training you’ll get from watching how the creator of the online product launch ‘launches’ his flagship product will give you ideas you can ‘swipe and deploy’ in your own business, even if you never purchase the full PLF program.

And make sure you download all of the worksheets and checklists you’ll be given, and take screen shots of the key pages and make notes about how he goes through the process. These are all wonderful examples you can model for yourself.

I really hope this helps you with your business,


Rocky Tapscott

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