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Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Masterclass Starts Today

The first lesson in Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Masterclass is today, Friday, September 11th at 4pm Eastern (New York) time (you can register here).

Jeff s going to be showing you the formula that’s launched a thousand businesses – and show you how you can put it to work right away.

This is a “don’t miss” event… put it on your calendar right now.

AND he’s going to have a lot going on in this Masterclass – way more than the three live lessons, and way more than he can share in this email… once you register for the Masterclass you will be able to keep up to date with these other channels:

The free Private FB group will have additional live sessions, and Jeff’s coaches will be answering questions here. Plus you can network with other members of the Launch Masterclass:

You’ll also have access to Jeff’s “secret” Telegram channel – Telegram is a messaging app that’s a lot like Whatsapp… but it allows Jeff to send you extra audios, videos, and messages during the Masterclass. This is the most “insider” channel during the Masterclass:

Finally, you can get a peak behind-the-scenes with Jeff’s private Instagram which you’ll get the link for as soon as you register.

OK… that’s it. I’ll be watching the first Product Launch Masterclass training in a few hours, so if you’d like to join us I’ll see you soon

Warm regards,