Here’s How To ‘Launch’ (Or Re-launch) Your Business In The Industry

A lot of wedding industry professionals, service providers, retailers and wholesalers ask me how on earth they could possibly do a Product Launch Formula style launch if:

  1. Their wedding business has been around for a while and there’s nothing new to ‘launch’
  2. Their products and services aren’t new, and they have no plans to upgrading or adding to them
  3. They don’t have the budget to include a bunch of additional incentives with their offer to increase it’s perceived value

If you supply goods and services to the wedding market and this is your problem, the secret is to come up with a launch (or actually, a re-launch) plan that includes what Jeff calls a Crushing Offer.

And you do that by adding one or more of these things to what you are currently offering…

  • ‘Premium’ version of your product or service that includes additional features the standard version doesn’t
  • A package that could include, depending on what you supply, things such as videos, printed reports, digital guides, checklists, a personal website, software and/or cheat sheets that show your customers how to get more out of their wedding when they choose your product or service over somebody else
  • Discount coupons for additional products or services you provide that enhance or complement the main product or service people are purchasing from you
  • Special offers and discount coupons from OTHER merchants in the wedding industry that give your customers a chance to get a discount or extra services, AND let the other merchants have a new customer referred to them as well

When you offer bonuses like this, it makes it much easier for people to see how much extra value you provide, which can increase the number of people who choose you over any of your competitors.

Let’s look at a quick example

Say you supply Wedding Gowns and you’d like to run a product launch to generate a burst of sales during your slow season.

NOTE: Using a launch like this is a great way to pre-sell a bunch of wedding gowns well before they are required, so you can take a large deposit up-front, have plenty of time to create the gowns, and importantly, lock the customer in so they don’t go elsewhere.

You could approach all of the wedding businesses on the list below and ask them to give you coupons for discounted/free stuff in exchange for you reciprocating and helping them to promote their products and services to your customers as well:

Artificial Flowers

Beauty Therapists


Wedding Stylists

As you can see from this list, there are plenty of different businesses you could approach to work with.

Oh, and EVERY ONE of these businesses could become your Launch (and ongoing) Joint Venture partner.

That means you could have them sending your pre-launch content to their email subscribers and sharing it on their social media pages. And you could pay them a referral fee for each wedding gown you sell.

PLUS, EVERY single business above can do the same thing with all of the other suppliers on the list.

You are only limited by your ability to work collaboratively with your fellow wedding industry business owners and create win-win deals…

You could run a product launch like this 3 or 4 times a year, and promote the products and services of your Joint Venture partner’s businesses during the other months.

Can you see the potential of this for your wedding industry business?

If you’d like to learn more about using a product launch for your business, so you can grow the sales and profits and increase your business’s value, you can do that here.