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6 Essential Tools You Need For Building Your Product Launch Audience

Building a product launch audience for your upcoming PLF launch mostly revolves around you communicating with your members and developing relationships. Nothing can replace this human touch, but you can make the process easier by using these 6  tools…

Tool 1: Social Media

This is the big one, because social media is where you’ll find and connect with a lot of your community members during every stage of your launch.

Social media is a great way to deliver all of your content, from your pre-launch communications,   to notifications and feedback about your launch content itself. Quite often you’ll see product launch videos with hundreds or thousands of Facebook comments below them. This gives you powerful social proof…

The social media platforms you’ll want to consider in order of their importance, when it comes to launching your product are:

• Facebook
• Twitter
• LinkedIn (if your tribe includes professionals)
• YouTube (if you intend to connect with videos)
• Instagram (if you intend to connect with photos)
• Pinterest (if you’re targeting women in a visually based field)
• Google+ (especially if you’re connecting with technical professionals)

If you use one or more of these platforms, then you’ll also need these tools…

Tool 2: Social Media Tools

Social media tools can help you find your audience, find content that will help you connect with them, and gauge reactions to see if your content and campaigns are doing what you intended for the to do. Here are two tools you may consider using:

  • – an all-in-one tool that does everything from scheduling content to tracking performance
  • – another all-in-one tool you can use to manage your social media campaigns
  • – Helps you to find great content and spread it virally


Tool 3: A CRM or Autoresponder To Reach Your Product Launch Audience

Even though you may find and interact with your audience or tribe on social media, ultimately you want to get them on your own mailing list. And that’s why you need to set up an autoresponder or CRM where you upload and schedule content to help you build relationships the hands-free way.

Examples of good autoresponders and CRM’s include:


Just be sure to read the terms of service of your selected service before you sign up, to be sure your intended use of the autoresponder falls within their acceptable use. For example, some companies don’t like their customers to promote some types of products, and others don’t like you using their service for affiliate marketing (even though they have their own affiliate programs – go figure).

The 5 listed above, SHOULD be fine, but just make sure you read their terms and conditions so you don’t get half way through your launch and they decide to shut you down for some obscure reason.

Tool 4: A Blogging Platform Or Content Management System

Another good way to connect with your audience is via your own blog. Fortunately, setting up a blog is both simple and free, if you use a platform such as, or use a self hosted WordPress Blog on your own domain.

Tool 5: An Automated Content Scheduler

One of the keys to connecting with your audience is to send them regular content to help them solve their problems. This includes posting to social media daily, as well as posting to your blog and sending out newsletters.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be tied to your computer in order to send this content. Instead, you can use tools to upload and schedule it. This includes:

  • Using your email service provider’s autoresponder to upload and schedule content.
  • Using tools like to schedule social media content, as well as post across multiple channels at once.
  • Using WordPress’s built-in scheduling tools to post content to your blog.

Tool 6: Freelance Sites

While nothing can replace the “human touch” needed to build a tribe, you don’t need to do it all on your own. Instead, you can find freelancers to help you create content and interact with your community members. Good places to find these freelancers include:


To sum up…

Building an audience or tribe in preparation for your product launch can take time, but you don’t need to do it all manually. Use these tools and platforms to reduce the workload, and you’ll take less time to get your product or service into the hands of your new customers.

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