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The #1 Key To Having People See You As An Authority

If you’re an author, coach, consultant or any other kind of expert or business owner considering using a Product Launch Formula style of launch to start or grow your business, and you want people to see you as an authority here’s a big secret…

Your potential prospects (and of course your existing audience) are really just looking for one thing: someone trustworthy they can follow. As marketing expert Dan Kennedy is fond of saying, “Most people are walking around with their umbilical chords in their hands, looking for somewhere to plug them in”.

I think Dan nails it perfectly. Most people have been lied to, deceived and disappointed so many times, they’re looking for a strong leader in the field who can actually help them. They’re looking for a true authority who will deliver the results they want.

And if you’re using Product Launch Formula as the basis of your launch, positioning yourself as the expert who can deliver those results will not only increase your sales for your Seed Launch and your Internal Launch, but will make it easier to attract affiliates and JV partners for your JV Launch.

The beauty of using the PLF process is that Jeff Walker’s Sideways Salesletter technique allows you to prove you are an expert in your topic while not coming across as a high pressure sales person who’s just trying to flog a product or service.

It’s not surprising when you think about it.

Just take a look around your market and you’ll see a whole lot of experts and authorities all promising to help people to achieve their goals or solve their problems. The problem is many of these authorities are giving inaccurate and/or conflicting information. This confuses people, and  quite often they end up getting analysis paralysis.

So if you want to stand out from the crowd and be seen as THE preeminent expert in your market, here’s what you need to do:  write / share / teach with confidence.

Convey an air of authority in everything you share with your visitors. Because when you present yourself as a strong leader and it’s clear you can get people results, they will naturally want to follow you.

Plus when people trust you because you’ve helped them by actually helping them, you create the type of relationship that generates big payoffs for both you and your prospects and customers.

So how do you write or speak in a way that naturally conveys authority? The easiest way I know of is by using these two techniques…

#1: Convey Confidence

Some people feel like being too blunt with the facts can appear abrupt or even rude. And so they tend to share information in a way that comes across as weak or lacking confidence. When that happens, no matter how subtle, people are naturally going to turn away. We humans are hard wired to want to follow strong, confident leaders.

Let me give you an example…

Let’s suppose you walk up to two random people on the street and ask them for directions to the nearest petrol station, and here’s what they say:

Random Person #1: The nearest petrol station is the Shell on Allen Street. Go three blocks North, take a right at Allen Street intersection, and you’ll see it on your left.

Random Person #2: I think the closest petrol station is on Jones Street. Or it might be on Estelle Road. Head down this street for around four or five blocks, and you’ll see them on a side street. Not sure which one. Hope that helps.

So which person’s directions would you be more likely to follow? If you’re like most of us, you would take Person #1’s advice, because he seemed confident that he knew what he was talking about (even if he didn’t have a clue :-).

The point is you should be doing the same when you share information, especially your pre-launch content, with people. Be confident, be clear, be consistent, and avoid fluff, filler and industry jargon.

Speaking with authority because of your knowledge and experience leads to being recognised and respected as an authority. And people are much more lily to buy during your launch (and afterwards) if they see you as the solution to their problems or as the leader who can help them achieve their goals.

#2: Give Reasons Why

A lot of experts can give others directions for completing some task, but they don’t explain WHY the task should be completed in that specific way. And that’s why when the reader runs into conflicting information from another source, they don’t know what to believe.

That’s why you need to tell your readers WHY they should follow your specific advice.

For example, some health experts tell us that doing cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach is the best way to go. But others say you should have a small meal first.

So if you’re advocating one of those options to your readers, you’ll bet much more traction as an authority when tell them WHY you’ve made that specific suggestion. And to remove any doubt yours is the correct option, you should back your opinion up with scientific data.

Again, your goal here is to show people that it’s not merely that you THINK a particular course of action is accurate or best, but that you KNOW it is the solution from personal experience.

Explaining the reason why shows that you UNDERSTAND not just the correct steps to achieve their desired result, but the way things work so that the steps you suggest are the right steps to take.

To Sum Up

If you are preparing for a product launch and you want to be seen and respected as an authority in your market, then you need to start writing and presenting information with authority.

This means:

  • Be confident when you share information with your audience (don’t waiver or second-guess yourself)
  • Share good information that helps people by actually helping them (don’t leave the best ideas out)
  • Offer reasons why what you say is THE solution

If you do these three things correctly, you’re sure to see your authority increase and the relationships you have with your prospects grow in a positive way, which can only help to increase your product launch profits.

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