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How To Generate Lots Of Product Launch Traffic From Guest Blog Posts

In this post we’re going to discuss how to generate lots of traffic to grow your product launch list using guest blog posts that other people be excited to publish for you.

One really good way to drive traffic to your lead page is by guest blogging on highly related websites. For example, you can offer “Part 1” of an article on the blog, and then in your article byline you can encourage people to get “Part 2” of the article (or an expanded report or video) by joining your list.

Now the whole key to this strategy depends on creating a blog post that people really want to read. If you can’t get your audience’s attention then they’re never going to even read down far enough to see your links and calls to action.

So, with that in mind, check out these tips for creating guest blog posts that people in your audience really want to read…

Start By Doing Thorough Research

When you’re using guest blogging to drive traffic to your website, there are three types of research you need to complete. Specifically:

1. Research the prospective guest-blogging opportunity. Make sure you’re publishing on a popular, high-quality blog. If it gets a lot of visitors and they are engaged (e.g., they comment on the content, share it on social media, etc.), then that’s the type of blog that will give your content a good amount of exposure.

2. Research the blog to see what the owner publishes. Take some time to read through the archives to see what type content the owner seems to like. For example, if the owner likes tips articles with GIFs, then you may consider sharing information in that format too.

3. Research the audience to see what they like. Finally, be sure to do your regular market research to see what your audience really wants to know about. If people are buying content on a particular topic on sites like ClickBank.com and Amazon.com, then it’s a pretty good bet that they’ll read about that same topic on their favorite blog.

Here’s the next tip…

Create a Fresh Angle

Chances are you’re sharing information about a topic that others have covered before, right? So, what you need to do is offer this information in a fresh, unique way.

Most writers offer “step-by-step” information. You can do something similar, except create a formula around the step-by-step process. For example, if you’re teaching people how to write a sales letter, you might create a five-step formula around the acronym S.A.L.E.S., where each letter of the acronym corresponds to a step. E.G., Step 1, SHOWCASE Benefits, Step 2, AGITATE the Problem… and so on.

Capture Attention With Your Title

Your article title is one of the most important parts of your post. If the title doesn’t capture attention and arouse interest, then no one is even going to read the rest of your article. That’s why you need to create an intriguing benefit-driven title.

For example: “5 Weight Loss Tips” is a descriptive, but boring title.

Let’s rewrite it to showcase a benefit: “5 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Drop the Fat Fast.

The key here is to figure out what your audience wants and how that overlaps with what your article is about, and then highlight that benefit in the title. Whenever possible, use powerful words such as: surprising, you, new, amazing, fast, easy, quick, simple, how to, proven, secret, revealed, discover, guaranteed (and similar words).

Choose Simple Yet Bold Graphics

If the blog you hope to publish on includes graphics in articles, then you’ll want to add value by inserting graphics too. Be sure to choose simple, relevant graphics with bold, eye-catching colors.

For example, you might include a picture of a dog in a dog-training article. A cute puppy with a brightly colored ball on a white background is going to be more effective than a picture of multiple dogs on a busy background (as it takes the viewer a few seconds to decipher what all is going on in the picture).

TIP: Be sure to include a benefit-driven caption alongside the graphics, which will help pull skimmers back into your content.


Create Engaging Content

You’ll want to make sure you create content that keeps your reader hooked and reading right to the very end (so that they see your links and call to action). Check out these tips:

Employ a Conversational Tone

No one wants to read a dry, textbook style content. Instead, use a light, friendly, conversational tone. This newsletter is a good example of using a light tone to engage readers. Notice how I don’t use college-level words in this posts when “everyday” words will do. If your readers need to haul out a dictionary to understand what you’re saying, then you’re going to lose your audience.

Engage Readers on an Emotional Level

People are going to be more willing to keep reading if you engage them emotionally in some way. For example:

• Tell a story about someone’s niche mistake or how they overcame a problem. This arouses interest and builds rapport, and perhaps even motivates/inspires readers.

• Share a really unique tip, fact, case study, example or other piece of information. If you make the reader say “wow,” you can bet they’ll keep reading.

• Arouse curiosity. For example, you may build anticipation in the article introduction to hook readers and keep them reading. E.G., “In just moments you’ll discover a crazy-simple way to create your next infoproduct – it won’t cost you a cent, and you won’t have to create it yourself either! Curious? Read on…”


Utilize Plenty of White Space

Use short paragraphs and sentences (rather than a wall of text). Again, look at this series of posts as an example of content that’s easy to consume since it’s formatted for easy readability.

To Sum Up

The key to making the most of your guest blogging opportunities is to create engaging, high-quality content. If your readers like what they see in the blog article, then you can be sure they’re going to click on over to your lead page.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

Warm regards,


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