Free Product Launch Workshop

Today’s a really exciting day.


Because… Around once each year, Jeff Walker releases a free Product Launch Workshop that usually comes complete with training videos and PDF downloads…

And these trainings are always a complete marketing education all by themselves.

Jeff usually releases training videos and resources like these as part of the warm-up for his next Product Launch Formula class.

When he does, it’s always a really good idea to register for his training because it’s only available for a couple of weeks, and then he takes everything offline so he can focus on helping his new PLF members.

Plus, the training is so good that you can take what he shares and actually DO a simple product launch with what you learn for free.

AND the price is right… it won’t cost you anything (apart from giving Jeff your email address.)

His first training video could give you the framework to completely change the way you do your marketing…

Visit this page and register to watch it.

Warm regards,


P.S. Pay careful attention to the way Jeff asks you to self-segment yourself during the optin process. When you choose one of the options, you’ll notice the videos you receive and some of the other content is customised specifically for you.

This is one thing you can do yourself, and it will dramatically increase your conversions.

Click here now to select your customised training and watch the first video lesson.