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Jeff Walker Has Started His Once A Year Free Launch Workshop

Jeff Walker started his once-a-year free “Launch Workshop” a couple of days ago, and as usual it’s very cool.

While the free content he’s giving away is a lead-in to sell Product Launch Formula when the cart opens in a few days, it would be big a mistake to miss this training, even if you have no intention of becoming a PLF member.

That’s because this free “Launch Workshop” is more valuable than most of the “Product Launch courses floating around that people charts hundreds or thousands of dollars for.

You can literally take what you learn in this free workshop and launch a business from scratch.

Or you could grow your existing business quickly by “re-launching”.

Jeff has been doing this every year since 2005, and he’s had nearly one million people go through the workshop – and the success stories keep coming.

The only catch is that it’s only available for a few days… and you’ll have to opt in to get access (well worth it) so go check it out right now.

Click this link to get access to the free workshop.

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P.S. The first lesson covers a simple launch strategy called a “Seed launch” and it’s generated hundreds of millions in results. Click this link to grab your free access now.