Jeff Walkers Free Product Launch Masterclass Starts On Monday

Jeff Walkers Product Launch Formula MasterclassJeff Walker’s Free Product Launch Masterclass starts this coming Monday. And this year he’s decided to focus on simplifying things even further and using on-demand videos that are short, tight, and as actionable as possible.

You’ll notice the difference in the first lesson because you’ll be making progress right from the start.

Lesson #1 is all about creating a near-instant buzz and excitement around your offer… without relying on sleaze or clickbait style hype that over-promises but under-delivers for your audience.

Despite what many high-pressure “closers” might want you to believe, it is possible to ask for the sale in a natural and authentic way, that makes your customers say “yes please, and thank you for selling me this!”

If the idea of selling creeps you out… you’re in for a surprise as you discover just how effortless it can be.

Speaking of surprises…

There are a bunch of cool bonuses waiting for you when you register for the Product Launch Masterclass here, including a special “How to Launch with AI” training…

Warm regards,

Rocky Tapscott
Product Launch Strategy

P.S. Jeff has mentioned that for many of his students, the insights they get from Lesson #1 are the most valuable of the entire Masterclass. Maybe for you, too…

The reason is because the moment you realise it’s possible to “sell without selling”, you will look at selling and marketing in a completely different way forever. Register for the Masterclass here.

Please Note: I’m privileged to be one of Jeff Walker’s affiliate partners. That means if you end up joining me in his Product Launch Formula program, I might receive a referral commission at no extra cost for you.

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