If Selling During A Product Launch Creeps You Out, Watch This

Jeff Walkers Product Launch Formula MasterclassJeff Walker is about to release the first lesson in his big event of the year – his FREE Product Launch Masterclass.

And whether you’ve been in business for years, or just starting out… this could make a real difference for you.

Since 2005, more than a million people have gone through Jeff’s launch workshops – and the success stories are legendary. Countless folks have built seven and eight-figure businesses from what they learned in this free training alone.

And this year, the Masterclass is even better – fully updated with even more actionable training, delivered in even less time.

It’s also been “AI-enabled”, which means it will cover using AI to get your launch done more quickly and easily. In the first session, you’ll watch Jeff’s screen as he shows you the exact software and prompts he’s using to build his business, so you can follow along.

You’ll also discover how turning a standard piece of marketing on its side creates a near-instant buzz around your offer.

This core strategy is responsible for over a BILLION dollars in sales – in every imaginable niche.

It’s also the secret to “sleaze-free” selling. So if the thought of selling creeps you out, you’ll love this.

Jeff will not only reveal what makes the Sideways Sales Letter so powerful… he’ll show you how you can use it to grow your business.

PLUS – you’ll get a whole bunch of bonuses when you register, including extra trainings, PDF downloads, and a LIVE working session.

You don’t need a credit card to register. You just need an email address:

Register for Jeff Walker’s Free Product Launch Masterclass here.

Rocky Tapscott
Product Launch Strategy

P.S. If you’ve ever seen anyone launch online, they either learned from Jeff… or from someone that Jeff taught.

If you want to build a long-term successful business, Jeff is THE guy to learn from. And with this free Product Launch Masterclass, there’s never been a better time. Register here.

P.P.S. Just a heads up – the Launch Masterclass is only available for free for a few days each year… so check it out as soon as you can.

Please Note: I’m privileged to be one of Jeff Walker’s affiliate partners. That means if you end up joining me in his Product Launch Formula program, I might receive a referral commission at no extra cost for you.

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