The First Lesson In The Product Launch Masterclass Is Ready

Jeff Walkers Product Launch Formula MasterclassJeff Walker has just posted the first lesson of his 2023 Product Launch Masterclass, and right out of the gate, he’s solving a big problem a lot of business owners face – how to generate sales without using high-pressure tactics that make you and your prospect feel like a sleaze bag.

You can check out this lesson – and all the other Product Launch Masterclass goodies – free by registering here.

In the first session, you’ll discover a natural approach to selling that makes it possible to ask for the order in a way that makes your customers THANK you for selling to them.

Yes… really!

If that sounds too good to be true, you’ll love this sleaze-free approach to selling.

ALSO – Jeff will be hosting a bonus LIVE session Wednesday, August 23rd at 4pm Eastern (New York time) – to answer any questions registrants might have about this.

So do yourself a favor and register for the Product Launch Masterclass as soon as you can, so you can catch the first lesson and make the most of the Q&A.

Warm regards,
Rocky Tapcott

P.S. I’m not supposed to be telling you this, but…

There’s a “hidden” bonus waiting for anyone who sticks around till the end of the first video.

Register now so you can find out what it is. 🙂

Please Note: I’m privileged to be one of Jeff Walker’s affiliate partners. That means if you end up joining me in his Product Launch Formula program, I might receive a referral commission at no extra cost for you.

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