Here’s What You’ll Learn In The First Product Launch Masterclass Lesson

Jeff Walkers Product Launch Formula MasterclassThe first on-demand lesson of Jeff Walker’s 2023 Product Launch Masterclass is going to be available on Monday, August 21st.

Here’s a reminder of what it’s about…

  • Jeff will be showing you the power of the “Sideways Sales Letter®”, how it has revolutionised online marketing since 2006, and step by step how you can put it to work in your business
  • The “P.S. (Problem/Solution) Path” and what to include in each of your launch videos so people are engaged in your content, while leaving them super curious about what you are going to share the next video. Jeff is also including a screen share video of himself using AI to make this a breeze!
  • How to layer some of the most powerful mental triggers into your Prelaunch Sequence so your offer is magnetically attractive. Using these mental triggers within the content of your Product Launch Sequence is so powerful because humans are hard-wired to respond in pre-determined ways whenever we experience them.
  • How to deliver just the right amount of content in your Prelaunch so you provide high value but you don’t give away the farm
  • … and much more!

This years Launch Masterclass will be an event you can’t afford to miss.

You can register for the Product Launch Masterclass training here to watch Jeff as he lays out the entire launch formula over the next few days.

See you there.

Warm regards,

Rocky Tapscott
Product Launch Strategy

Please Note: I’m privileged to be one of Jeff Walker’s affiliate partners. That means if you end up joining me in his Product Launch Formula program, I might receive a referral commission at no extra cost for you.

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