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10 Lead Magnets That Are A Perfect Blend Of Information And Promotion

Before you can launch your product successfully, you’re going to need an email list of people to launch to.

And building an email list is really all about traffic generation. When you set up an optin form on a landing page, it’s just a matter of getting more people to visit that page so they can subscribe to your list.

In this article, I want to share the “top 10” Lead Magnets you can use to quickly grow your email database….

Let’s start off with:

1. Planner / Schedule

People don’t just want to know the “step-by-step” of how to do something – they also want to know when to take these steps. And that’s exactly what a planner or calendar will provide for your prospects. For example:

  • A Yearly Planner for Info Product Sellers
  • The Bodybuilder’s 30-Day Plan for Preparing for Your First Competition
  • The Weekly Planner for Homeschooling Moms
  • How to Get Your Home Sold In Just 21 Days

2. Cheat Sheets

These sorts of Lead Magnets give your prospects an overview of how to do something, but they don’t tell them how (exactly) to complete each step. That’s why this Lead Magnet is a good choice for when you’re selling in-depth how-to information on the backend.

For example:

  • The Savvy Saver’s Cheat Sheet for Creating a Household Budget
  • The Aspiring Novelist’s Cheat Sheet for Writing a Bestselling Thriller
  • The Entrepreneur’s Business Brainstorming Cheat Sheet
  • The Dieter’s Cheat Sheet for Dining Out

3. Checklists

A good checklist makes an excellent Lead Magnet, simply because it’s something that your prospects will refer to again and again. Every time they use your checklist, they’ll see your call to action for your paid product.

For example:

  • A 27 Point Bodybuilding Workout for Kettlebell Enthusiasts
  • 50 Point Inspection Checklist for Buying a Used ATV
  • 101 Point Checklist for Starting a New Online Business
  • 25 Point Checklist for Writing a Novel

SIDEBAR: Encourage your prospects to print off the checklist. Depending on what type of checklist it is, they could hang it on the wall or keep it in their pocket. For example, they might keep a workout checklist in their pocket at the gym, whereas they may hang a business-related checklist near their computer.

4. Swipe Files

A swipe file is a collection of content pieces that people can use for inspiration to create similar content. The intent isn’t to copy these pieces, but to use them as springboards to creating your own content.

For example:

  • The Copywriter’s Swipe File, which includes good headlines, sales letters, pay per click ads and other sales copy.
  • The Career Builder’s Swipe File, which includes cover letters and resumes.
  • The Aspiring Novelist’s Swipe File, which includes plot lines as well as queries for sending to publishers.
  • The Professional Speaker’s Swipe File, which includes jokes, openers and other content for speeches.

While the swipe file is used for inspiration, this next Lead Magnet is designed to be used and copied…

5. Templates

These are typically “fill in the blank” tools you can offer your prospects so they can create a content piece or form quickly and easily. These are designed for your prospects to copy, so be sure you create these templates yourself and give your prospects permission to use them.

TIP: If you offer legal forms, be sure to get them created by a licensed attorney.

For example:

  • The Copywriter’s Template Kit, which includes fill-in-the-blank headlines, openers, guarantees and other elements of a sales letter.
  • The Landlord’s Rental Contract Template, which is a fill-in-the-blank legal contract.
  • The Car Dealer’s Template Pack, which includes templates for purchase orders, the bill of sale and other forms typically used in the course of a dealer’s business.
  • The Fitness Boot Camp Template Kit, which includes advertising templates and client contracts for a personal trainer who is setting up a boot camp business.

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6. Worksheets

Worksheets contain a series of questions or tasks for the reader to work through in order to plan, evaluate, and move forward in progressing towards an objective.

For example:

  • The Content Marketing Strategy Worksheet
  • Your Wedding Activities And Budget Worksheet
  • P90X Workout Worksheet For The Perfect Routine
  • The Eating Well Goal-Setting Worksheet For Weight Loss
  • The 30-Day Dog Obedience Worksheet

7. Resource Guides

Another thing that your prospects will really enjoy getting is a list of the tools and resources you use on a daily basis in your niche. Your list can include the name of the resource, the pros and cons of the tool, who would benefit most from using the tool, and a link (or affiliate link) to the tool.

For example:

  • 12 Parenting Books That Should Be On Every Parent’s Bookshelf
  • The Six Figure Seller’s Most Trusted Tools and Resources
  • The Beginning Mountain Climber’s Gear List
  • 17 Tools You Need to Start Your Yard Care Business

8. Case Studies

A case study is where you provide the exact progress and results you or someone else achieved using a particular product or service.

The reason why this works so well to sell a product is because it naturally provides proof a product works, so it overcomes the prospect’s main objections. Just be sure to present a lot of hard proof such as pictures, videos, screenshots, measurements or similar evidence.

For example:

  • You can present an eight-week case study showing how well a body transformation program works.
  • A one month case study showing how much money a marketer made selling Amazon affiliate products.
  • A three-day case study showing how a golfer lowered his golf score by using a certain set of clubs.
  • A one-day case study showing how an amateur photographer took better photos after taking an online photography class.

9. Q&A / Interview

This Lead Magnet has a lot of flexibility, as you can offer a text, audio or video interview. Ideally, you should be the person being interviewed (you can ask a colleague or friend to do be the interviewer), and then you can sell your product on the backend.

If you’re promoting affiliate products, then ask the vendor if you can interview him or her to create a Lead Magnet.

For example:

  • An interview with a fishing expert, which reveals three tips for catching trophy trout.
  • An interview with a panel of weight-loss experts, including a nutritionist, a personal trainer, and a doctor.
  • An interview with a professional copywriter to share insider tips and tricks for writing great copy.
  • An interview with a veterinarian to learn to identify common signs of cat illness or pain.

An alternative would be to take the “top 10 most frequently asked questions” on a topic related to your product and answer them yourself. Deliver the answers in either an .mp3 or .pdf.

10. Articles/Blog Posts/Reports

This is a popular Lead Magnet, simply because it’s easy for most people to create an article or report or ebook, convert it to the .pdf format, and offer it for free in exchange for an email address.

TIP: You can take a chapter or two out of an existing paid product to use as your Lead Magnet. Then sell the full product on the backend.

For example:

  • How to Choose Running Shoes That Won’t Break the Bank or Your Body
  • Five Secrets for Lowering Your Golf Score
  • What Dieticians Do When They Want to Lose 10 Pounds
  • How to Quickly and Easily Set Up a Secure WordPress Blog

Great ideas!

Need Some More Inspiration?

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