The Product Launch Masterclass Lesson 1 Replay Is Up

The first live session of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Masterclass was a huge win. There were more than 7900 comments and the interaction was fantastic.

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In the Live session Jeff covered:

– The concept of the “Sideways Sales Letter”, how it has revolutionised online marketing, and why now is the time to put it to work in your business

– Some of the most powerful mental triggers you can plug into your Prelaunch Sequence so your offer magnetically attracts more of your ideal customers and clients

– The type of content you should include (and what NOT to include) in your launch videos for maximum impact

– How to find the perfect amount of content to share so your audience thanks you for all the value you’ve given them while they’re snapping up your offer (if you ever feel like you’re “giving away the farm”, you’ll love this!)

… and much more!

It was great to see so many people staying on the broadcast until the “Super Secret Segment” that started right at 3 hours and 26 minutes in. Amazing.

By the way, there’s going to be a Super Secret Segment in Jeff’s second broadcast as well, so you might want to hang around for that because these juicy extras are not included in the replays.

The replay of the first session is up now and you can watch it here. Once you hit that link and opt-in you’ll be taken to the “Concierge Page” where you’ll be able to watch the replay.

I hope you find the Product Launch Masterclass helpful as you prepare to launch (or relaunch) your product or service.

Warm regards,

Rocky Tapscott

Disclaimer: If you purchase PLF through my affiliate link I may receive a referral fee from Jeff Walker, however you will pay no more to purchase the program through me than if you went directly to the Product Launch Formula website. If you would like my personal help as you create your first launch using the PLF process, check out my PLF Bonus offer here.

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