Your Most Valuable Asset When It Comes To Launching A Product

The most valuable asset you have, especially when you are running a product launch, is your email list.


Your workers will eventually leave to find better opportunities.

Your marketing will run its course. Marketing campaigns and tactics eventually wear out.

Your products or services won’t be in demand forever. All products and services are eventually replaced or superseded by something else.

If you treat it with respect, nurture the people on it, find out what matters most to them – your list will never fail you and you can never go wrong.

If you want to make your life a heck of a lot easier, never forget that the single most valuable asset you’ll ever have will ALWAYS be your email list.

And you should be spending the bulk of your time growing it, nurturing the people on it, and making irresistible offers that turn those people into repeat customers.

That way, when it’s time for any sort of promotion, from a product launch to a quick sale offer, you people will be happy to hear from you and will respond by buying from you.

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