5 Ways You Can Create A Product To Launch In 60 Minutes Or Less

Product Launch Formula StrategiesCreating an irresistible offer for an inexpensive front-end product is a great way to build a database of buyers, who you can then launch your core product to, and sell additional products and services to over and over again in the future.

Because of the advertising and marketing costs of generating new customers, the real profits in any business are in the backend, or the future or followup sales you make to those customers once they’ve purchased from you the first time, rather than the first sale you make to a new customer.

The problem a lot of people tell me they have is that they’d love to be able to use a product launch to release a new front end product, but they don’t have any idea about how to quickly create a digital product to release.

To give you some some ideas for quickly creating new products you can promote to your existing customers, here are five ways you can do it in 60 minutes or less…

1. Record a phone interview. Just ask a colleague in your niche to be a guest expert for about 30-45 minutes. Record the interview, have it transcribed, edit the audio, package it all up and sell it. This takes one hour or less!

Tip: Alternatively, you have someone interview you. Or you can simply create an audio book.

1a. A variation on this is to find an expert on a topic you’d like to create a product on, and interview them. Have the interview transcribed and sell it to your customers and the other expert’s customers, and split the proceeds 50/50.

2. Create a report using a speech recognition software (like Dragon Naturally Speaking.)

Outline a report, talk about it for 30 to 45 minutes and then edit it (or have an outsourcer edit it for you) as needed. Bam, your text report is finished.

3. Use PLR (private label rights) content to create an ebook. Tweak it and your product is ready in minutes.

You can buy PLR on any topic very inexpensively.

Now yes, some of it is crap, but you can get very good private label rights reports, guides, checklists, mind maps and other stuff, which means you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money creating it all yourself.

Something that holds so many people back is the time and effort it takes to create great products from scratch.

It’s a lot easier to simply make changes to existing content and make it your own than trying to start with a blank piece of paper or screen.

The money is in getting products finished and then SELLING them, NOT in spending weeks or months creating them yourself.

4. Repackage some of your existing products. If you have existing products that have sold in the past, you can create a bundle

Example: Combine multiple small reports to create a home study package and sell it for less than the combined cost of what all of the reports usually cost individually.

5. Outsource it. In one hour or less (with the time being spread out over several days), you can post a job on UpWork.com, evaluate freelancers, hire the best one and send out a brief.

Then sit back and let the freelancer take care of the rest!

Yes it costs you money up front, but it’s a one-time cost for something you can sell over and over again for months or years.

You are leveraging your time and money, creating a valuable asset that will not only make you money, but will help other people to solve a pressing problem they have been struggling with.

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