Double Your JV Product Launch Profits With Product Splintering

The money you make directly through a JV product launch is just the start of the profitable opportunities you have once you’ve made all those sales with the help of affiliates and JV partners.

That’s because the most valuable asset you end up with from a launch is the email database you build from all the options your partners send you.


Because not only can you continue to sell your core product to those prospects after the launch, but you can “splinter” off all kinds of smaller products and sell them to those people who either didn’t want or need the bigger product you launched.

Here’s why “product splintering” is so effective as a followup to your JV product launch…

If you walk into just about any regular restaurant in most cities, and you’re likely to see a page somewhere in the menu that lists the restaurant’s ala carte offerings.

Sometimes you may see these offerings listed under different names, such as “Sides” or even “Light Appetites.”

But in all cases, this is the part of the menu where you can order something like a bowl of soup, a basket of fries or an English muffin.

You see, typically these items come with a meal.

The English muffin goes with your bacon and eggs. The fries go with your burger. The soup goes with your sandwich.

However, restaurant owners quickly figured out that they could make a whole lot more money by offering these items separately to patrons who didn’t want a full meal.

This is referred to as product splintering, and it turns out that restaurant owners aren’t the only savvy business folks on the block.

You’ll see product splintering everywhere you look.

  • For example, you can buy a pair of shoelaces by themselves without having to buy a whole new pair of shoes.
  • You can buy ski poles without buying skis.
  • You can purchase a computer hard drive without having to invest in a whole new computer.

And product sellers do it because product splintering is a great way to make more money without having to work any harder.

And the best news of all…

As we discussed, you too can use product splintering to slide more money into your pocket every day of the week with your information business.

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling or who you’re selling it to, because product splintering will work for you. (And just a bit later you’ll get plenty of ways to use it in your business.)

Let me give you an example…

Example:  Take a look at The Simple Copywriting System and you will find a very good course that helps people to quickly create high converting sales copy for any product or service.

The Simple Copywriting System is a “splintered product” from my Online Marketing Masterclass.

Look at the difference…

This gives me an opportunity to sell a lower-priced product to people who…

1. Aren’t willing or able to pay for the $97.00 product.

2. Are ONLY looking for “sales copy” products to buy.

3. Don’t yet fully trust me because they don’t know me.

4. Don’t even know about the Online Marketing Masterclass.

And so forth.

Once they buy the lower-priced Copywriting System course, I invite them to upgrade to the $97.00 Online Marketing Masterclass course, even offering to credit them their $27.00 purchase toward the $97.00 purchase.

Many upgrade and I turn $27 into $97 just like that.

But even for those that don’t upgrade, people spend $27 with me when they would have spent ZERO.

And you can do exactly the same thing with YOUR products.

Or if you don’t already have a bigger product you can “splinter”, you can go the other way and use what you learn in The Profitable Product System to create the “splintered” products first, and then package them up into a big-ticket program you an sell for a bunch of money during your product launch 🙂

Either way, you and your customers win…

Talk soon,


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