How To Use Product Launch Formula In The Trading Market

Over the last few weeks I’ve been using the Product Launch Formula process to run an Internal Launch for a training program I created (using a Seed Launch) that teaches people how to use Technical Analysis on stocks, commodities, indexes and other markets.

If you’re not sure what Technical Analysis is, it’s using price charts to determine where the price of a stock or some other market is likely to go over the next few days or weeks. As you can imagine, it is a valuable skill to have and when you get it right it is possible to virtually create money at will.

Creating The Product Using A Seed Launch

I originally used a Seed Launch to create the course content where I offered 6 live Zoom Webinars with several follow up Zoom Q&A meetings. Some of my students have done exceptionally well, but others have struggled despite having my help to understand what to do.

Because the first live program was fun to do and was so well received, I ran it two more times. Both of these times I had new members sign up while existing members were allowed to join in free of charge.

By the third iteration, the content was nailed down and I had filled in any gaps I found in the knowledge I wanted to share as we went through the training.

Once the content was all edited and uploaded to a new membership site run on the Xperiencify Platform, I was ready to launch a higher ticket Mentoring Program where students get even more access to me in addition to all of the training created during the Seed Launches.

A Quick Note About Where To Host Your Course

I used WordPress and the Wishlist Member Plugin to host the original Seed Launch content because it was good enough for what I was doing. The problem was most of my students never got around to completing the entire training. That meant they didn’t get the full benefits of what I’m sharing, and this tends to be a problem for most course creators.

That’s why I am hosting the higher priced version on the Xperiencify Platform because Marissa has made it possible to Gamify your course content which increases the number of people who complete your course exponentially.

In this post I’m going to take you through the entire process of using Product Launch Formula to run an internal launch to the people on my Trend Traders Club Facebook group and the email list I’ve built from Group members signing up for my free members training.


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