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How To Use Product Launch Formula In The Trading Market

Over the last few weeks I’ve been using the Product Launch Formula process to run an Internal Launch for a training program I created (using a Seed Launch) that teaches people how to use Technical Analysis on stocks, commodities, indexes and other markets.

If you’re not sure what Technical Analysis is, it’s using price charts to determine where the price of a stock or some other market is likely to go over the next few days or weeks. As you can imagine, it is a valuable skill to have and when you get it right it is possible to virtually create money at will.

Creating The Product Using A Seed Launch

I originally used a Seed Launch to create the course content where I offered 6 live Zoom Webinars with several follow up Zoom Q&A meetings. Some of my students have done exceptionally well, but others have struggled despite having my help to understand what to do.

Because the first live program was fun to do and was so well received, I ran it two more times. Both of these times I had new members sign up while existing members were allowed to join in free of charge.

By the third iteration, the content was nailed down and I had filled in any gaps I found in the knowledge I wanted to share as we went through the training.

Once the content was all edited and uploaded to a new membership site run on the Xperiencify Platform, I was ready to launch a higher ticket Mentoring Program where students get even more access to me in addition to all of the training created during the Seed Launches.

A Quick Note About Where To Host Your Course

I used WordPress and the Wishlist Member Plugin to host the original Seed Launch content because it was good enough for what I was doing. The problem was most of my students never got around to completing the entire training. That meant they didn’t get the full benefits of what I’m sharing, and this tends to be a problem for most course creators.

That’s why I am hosting the higher priced version on the Xperiencify Platform because Marissa has made it possible to Gamify your course content which increases the number of people who complete your course exponentially.

In this post I’m going to take you through the entire process of using Product Launch Formula to run an internal launch to the people on my Trend Traders Club Facebook group and the email list I’ve built from Group members signing up for my free members training.


Why A Seed Launch Is The Perfect Springboard For A Profitable Online Business

Product Launch Formula Seed LaunchThere’s a reason why Jeff Walker recommends using a Seed Launch as the first step you take when you are thinking about creating a new information product.

And that’s because a Seed Launch allows you to create a product you KNOW has proven demand before you create it, and it allows you to create what we call the minimum viable product to test the market quickly and inexpensively.

We all know people who have spent weeks, months or even years creating products that nobody wanted to buy.

Don’t do that…

By using a Seed Launch to ask people in your market for their ideas and feedback on what they really want to buy, you can get paid to before you even create a product, and include everything your customers want included so the finished product is tailor made just for them.

And you can use a series of these small, low-risk launches to start and grow an information product empire in just a few years…

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So how do you create one of these cool little launches?

Step 1 – Find Out What People Want To Buy

The first step is to survey your market and ask people what they want to buy.

You can use a free tool such as Surveymonkey.com to ask people what their biggest problem is, what they’ve already tried that didn’t work for them, and what their ideal product would have to include to make them really blown away.

Step 2 – Outline Your Product Into 4 – 6 Modules

The second step is to outline the content of your product into 4, 5 or 6 modules, starting chronologically from the steps your customers should take first, and leading through each step until they can achieve they outcome they are looking for.

Once you’ve got your outline, fill in each Module with the 5 – 6 minor steps needed to complete that Module.

Now once you’ve done this for all 6 (or whatever) Modules, create the content for MODULE 1 ONLY. You don’t want to fill in every piece of content for every Module yet because you are going to be using feedback you get from your students as you complete each module of the training.

Step 3 – Schedule A Live Webinar For Each Module

You are going to deliver your Course content via a series of weekly live Webinars. I know this might sound scary, but honestly it is the fastest and by far the best way to create content on the fly that people will actually find valuable.

The format will be along the lines of:

Week 1 – Deliver the content you have prepared or Module 1 over 40 – 90 minutes, and then answer every question your students have. The day after you’ve delivered your content, send students the Webinar replay along with a survey and ask them if they have any unanswered questions, tell them what Module 2 is going to cover, and ask them for their questions on that topic.

Week 2 – Take 60 – 90 minutes to answer any questions from the previous week, deliver the second week’s content based on what your students told you they wanted to know (along with your own insights), and then answer every question you can.

The day after you’ve delivered your content, again send students the Webinar replay along with a survey and ask them if they have any unanswered questions, tell them what you’ll be covering in Module 3, and ask them for their questions on that topic.

Week – 3 – 6 – Take 60 – 90 minutes to answer any questions from the previous week, deliver the third week’s content based on what your students told you they wanted to know in the survey (along with your own insights), and then answer every question you can for as long as it takes.

Each week continue sending the Webinar replays along with surveys asking them if they have any unanswered questions, tell them what the next Module is going to cover, and ask them for their questions on that topic. Keep delivering your Webinars until you finish going through the entire course.

Step 4 – Make An Irresistible Offer For Your New Product

Once you’ve scheduled your Webinar series, it’s time to start enrolling students. Because you are trying to test the market, and making a profit during your Seed Launch is not the primary objective, you can afford to make an irresistible offer for your new product in order to get as many virtual “bums on seats” as possible.

You should aim for at least 50 people at the start of your course, because your must have interaction with your students (by getting them to ask questions and complete your surveys) and as your course gets towards the end, a good proportion of people will drop off and simply won’t show up.

If you really have to, you can give some people complementary access to get the numbers up, but you don’t want to be giving access away to everyone because the goal as we said is to test the market.

One final thing. Being able to create an irresistible offer is so important to the success of your Seed Launch that I’ve put together a Free Cheat Sheet that shows you how to create the perfect offer. To make sure you don’t miss anything as you develop your offer, click here to grab your Free copy of The Perfect Offer Cheatsheet

Step 5 – Deliver Your Training Webinars

Now it’s time to deliver each Module, surveying your students and answering their questions as you go.

At the end of your course’s scheduled content, it’s a good idea to overdeliver and give a free Bonus Webinar to cover additional insights and answer any final questions your students may have.

When you’ve completed your training, you’ll have an awesome course created with the help of your students that gives people in your market exactly what they want to know about the topic you covered.

Having your new product allows you to do regular Internal Launches, and when you’ve tested your launch content, you can roll out a big JV Launch, build a huge email list, and clean up financially.

That’s how you can use Jeff Walker’s Seed Launch as the perfect springboard for a profitable, long-term, sustainable business for yourself and your family that will allow you to prosper for many years to come. To learn more, check out Jeff Walker’s free Product Launch Masterclass here.

Talk soon,


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