How To Launch A New Training Program Into A Global Business

A subscriber emailed a few days ago and asked for some ideas on how she could use Product launch Formula to grow her business which involves showing businesses a very specific way to find money that is owing to them they didn’t know was rightfully theirs.

I told her I thought she was providing a highly ethical and valuable service and she deserved a lot of praise for helping people out in the way she was.

While she could use the PLF process to launch her own business because there is so much demand for this type of thing after COVID-19 has shut down or damaged so many formerly profitable businesses, I suggested she might also consider running a Seed Launch for a course showing other people how to do what she is doing to help many more businesses than she could ever reach on her own.

If she packaged her knowledge and systems into a program that helped other people start a business doing the same thing, she could charge an upfront fee for the training and systems, plus an annual licensing fee for the continued use of the materials she created.

A program like this could have modules that might include:

  • Her secret sources for finding potential clients
  • Marketing materials to get those clients to raise their hands and say they wanted help
  • The step by step process for finding the money owed
  • Agreements and documents to make sure the student gets paid
  • A private Slack or Facebook group where she shares help, ideas and success stories with other members
  • Live calls or Zoom meetings every so often to update members on the latest strategies, share field reports from other members, and answer any questions
  • Anything else that helps members to get the results she is currently getting

Her lead magnet for building an email prospect list could be a PDF guide that takes people through the ‘what’ of the service she provides and highlights the huge opportunity for them to make good money with low overheads while helping other people.

Then the paid program could offer the step-by-step ‘how’ so people can start a business inexpensively, work from home, and supplement their income or even replace it.

If she offered a limited number of licenses in each city you might end up with a feeding frenzy of customers who don’t want to miss out.

Once she had some successful licensees, she could offer County or State Distributer Licenses to entrepreneurs who already have a client base, or who know how to generate leads and help and manage the people who purchase the licenses.

These Distributers would be responsible for everything in their area and would have to comply with the terms and conditions she developed so the results their clients get are consistent.

She could sell these Distributer Licenses for 10 – 30 or more times the price of her course and charge ongoing annual royalties on them as well. The Distributers would get the majority of each up-front fee and the ongoing royalties from each licensee, and they would share part of that income with her each month.

Eventually she might want to create Master Licenses for large sectors of the population and charge 100 to 1000 times the price of the basic course.

She could hire commission sales people to sell the Distributer and Master license all over the country and eventually the world, and give the salespeople a commission and override on all sales they make.

So as you can see, a simple idea for a course can be leveraged into a national or global business while helping thousands of business owners by providing a much needed and highly valuable service.

I hope this gives you some ideas for where you could take your course after you use Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula process to launch it.

Warmest regards,

Rocky Tapscott
0418 788 482

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