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How To Easily Sell To More Than One Target Market

Product Launch Single Target MarketLegendary marketer and coach Dean Jackson has this cool tool he calls The 8 Profit Activators, and he uses it to show businesses how to systematically grow and scale. The basis of the first Profit Activator is “Choosing One Target Market”.

If you’ve tried to do this, you’ll know it’s bloody hard.

If you’re like me, you may tend to suffer from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) so you would prefer to be able to sell to “everyone”.

Problem is, as Dean has proven, this is a big mistake.

When you try to sell to “everyone” using the same marketing message, you can end up selling to no-one because your offer isn’t targeted to anyone specifically.

And that spells doom…

But there is a simple way to sell to more than one specific “Target Market’, and I saw a perfect example today as Jeff Walker got underway with his new Product Launch Formula Class.

When you visit his site, you’ll see an optin page that offers you his free video training (Todd Brown calls these sorts of pages “Traffic Captivation” pages because they offer a compelling reason to join a list in order to get free video training.

And then when you click on the link that says Click Here For Instant Access, you are given three options so you can self-select which stage you are in your business so you can select which option most closely fits with your experience.

And based on the answer you select, some of the videos, email messages and the other content you receive will be customised to suit your specific needs.

Once you select your option, you’ll see the optin form. Then when you’ve entered your email address, you’ll be taken to the Product Launch Formula training area where you can start watching Jeff’s customised videos and download the other goodies he has waiting there for you.

So what has Jeff been able to do here?

He has allowed people to self-select into distinctly different target markets so he can structure his message more closely to each one.

If you follow this example, you will virtually guarantee yourself more sales, and higher conversions, because you are able to “enter the conversation that’s already going on inside your prospect’s head” and talk to their exact needs, wants and desires.

You can check this all out for yourself, and learn why launching (or re-launching) a product, service or an entire business is the fastest way to generate a new surge of sales by visiting Jeff’s site here.

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P.S. The opportunity to let people self-select the best way to sell to them using this simple process gives you a massive boost and can really be a game changer for your business. Visit Jeff’s site here and see how he’s doing it.