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More Inspirational Product Launch Formula Case Studies

The Product Launch Formula case studies from Jeff Walker I shared yesterday are actually just the tip of the iceberg. Here are some more examples of how normal everyday people have used PLF to change their lives…

Her Paintings Sell for $12,000 Each – and Her Courses are Always Full
Mary Gilkerson is a painter who decided to take her experience teaching college-level art and use it to create an online course. Before PLF, she brought in a pretty respectable $12,000… but after PLF, her launch brought in $54,000. Now Mary’s online art courses are consistently full, and she’s selling more of her own work than ever before. AND she’s using PLF to sell her paintings for up to $12,000 each!

A Year’s Worth of Seafood Sales – in a Week
As a farmer, Blaine Hitzfield wasn’t sure if PLF would work for his family’s business. But his wild-caught fish launch brought in $38,000 in 7 days – double the amount the farm would normally make on seafood in an entire year. He thought it was a fluke… until he did a launch for his grass-fed and pasture-raised beef… and the numbers were just as crazy.

Designing Fabric… and $342,000 in Her First Launch
I’ve probably done over a hundred Case Studies… and Bonnie Christine’s story is one of the most amazing. Her market is designing fabric and wallpaper… and her first launch did $342,000! And she didn’t stop there… Check out her incredible story on this page.

Musician Making More (and Working Less) as a Stay-at-Home Dad
Keyboardist Michael Walker loved touring and interacting with his audience… but he wanted to be home with his bride and start a family. Now he helps other musicians grow their fan bases and tour profitably. Starting with no list, Michael now has a sales funnel that has made $30,000-$50,000 a month – every month – since he started 18 months ago. And he has plenty of time to enjoy his toddler son.

More Than Enough for a Box of Wine…
Dayna Abraham started a parenting blog with the hope she’d be able to earn enough to pay for a box of wine. With PLF, she’s made more than enough for that wine – she’s raked in enough to fulfill her dream of opening a school! Her first launch made her over $16,000… her next one brought in $71,000… and the one after that brought in a staggering $209,000.

Helping People in the Bedroom – From Her Own Living Room
Vanessa Marin had a sex therapy business where she worked with clients on a one-on-one basis. She had a thriving business, but she thought she could help more people with an online business. She and her husband discovered PLF… and they’ve never looked back. Their first launch brought in $15,000… and their results grew from there. Their next launch did $45,000 and the one after that did $105,000.

First Launch $2k, Second Launch $90k… Teaching Yoga in Italian
Max Guidi teaches yoga courses online for the Italian market. After planning and executing his Seed Launch in just a week (and making a respectable $2,000 for his effort), he launched his course again… and it brought in around $90,000. Max now helps to train both students and yoga teachers all over the world and is currently developing an online yoga school.

Teacher Launches While 7 Months Pregnant – $300k in 4 Months!
Busy mom-of-four Kayse Morris planned her first launch while she was 7 months pregnant. She met her launch goal of $25,000 in just a few hours… and her first two launches brought in more than $300,000 in less than 4 months. Kayse’s market? Showing teachers how to sell their lesson plans online.

After an Accident, He More Than Replaced His Income
Barry was a very successful entertainer. Then he had a mountain biking accident that left him unable to perform… and his business (and income) were dead in the water. Then he found PLF, and it changed everything in his business…

Six Figures from Teaching People to Scream
David Wu and Sean Johnson are passionate music fans who knew they enjoyed teaching, and knew their audience wanted something cool and unique. So they spent 3 months learning how to scream… and then created a training product to teach others. Their launch brought in six figures… and they’re just getting started.

Accountant Quits His Job and Makes $220,000
Erik was not sure what he wanted to sell at first… but he knew he was ready for something different after 26 years as an accountant. He found a surprisingly hungry audience and did his first launch, bringing in $10,000 before even creating his product. In just 10 months after starting his online business, Erik made $220,000 in revenue (and is already planning his second launch).

From $5,000 to $68,000 – for the Exact Same Product!
Bill O’Hanlon had a very nice business – but it was unleveraged. He was traveling three or four times per month, and his lifestyle suffered from his grueling travel schedule. So he created an online course to give himself time freedom. That course made $5,000. Then he got PLF and did a $68,000 launch with the very same course… and he was just getting started.

Starving Artist? More Like Seven-Figure Artist
Nicholas is a fine-art artist who has led offline workshops to teach people how to paint. Then he used PLF to bring his workshop online – he started from scratch and his first launch did over $400,000 in sales. And he followed that up with another launch that made around the same.

Stable Cash Flow for Her Seasonal Business
Shelley Brander had a successful brick-and-mortar yarn store… but it suffered every year with the seasonal swings of the market. Then she went online with PLF, and it changed everything in her business (and her life)…

To listen to the stories of these awesome business owners, visit this page.

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