9 Blog Post Ideas For Driving Traffic To Your Product Launch

No matter what kind of launch you are preparing for with the Product Launch Formula process, a blog is going to become your go-to resource for driving traffic to your website, both while you’re preparing everything, and during the process of releasing your product or service.

And if you have a blog, then you are going to need a good deal of content to engage with readers and keep them coming back.

But this is were many people get stuck…

It can take a lot of time to create the volume of content you’ll need to drive significant traffic to your blog.

Of course you can outsource it, but it can take a lot of money to get others to create the type of quality content needed to position you as an expert. So regardless of whether you create it yourself or pay others to do it for you, creating content is a big investment…

But there are a number of shortcuts you can take, and to get you started, here are 9 blog post ideas you can use to create awesome blog posts in 10 minutes or less….

1. Create Blog Articles Out Of Private Label Rights Content

The first hack is to buy some PLR (private label rights) articles that you can edit or make slight tweaks to so they are unique and up to your high standards, and then post them to your blog as your own.

Alternatively you might copy excerpts out of PLR ebooks or reports and then post these as articles on your blog. Either way, it takes just a few minutes to create unique, valuable content and post it for your readers to enjoy.

Here are 2 more ideas for using PLR to create content:

  • Have a PLR video transcribed at Rev.com to create an article or a series of articles for your blog. You may even be able to buy these sorts of transcripts as part of a package, or you can create your own using Rev.com

TIP: This is especially easy if the video includes slides, because you can simply write your article from the content contained in the slides.

  • Compile several pieces of PLR content to into blog posts that are entirely new. For example, you could take parts from three or four PLR articles and weave them together to create an entirely new article

And speaking of excerpts…

2. Repurpose Excerpts From Your Products

Taking excerpts from your existing products is a super-quick way to create any number of blog articles. The other benefit of this strategy is that you can quickly insert a pitch at the end of the article to promote your product launch’s lead magnet.

There are 2 ways to use these types of excerpts:

1. The first way is to simply pull the excerpt directly out of the product, add an introduction and a conclusion, and post it to your blog.

For example, let’s suppose you have a report that gives people 9 ways to cut calories. You can take out 3 or 4 of these strategies to create your article, then at the end you can invite people to join your launch list to get more great ideas.

2. The other way is to cut some of the content out of the excerpt so people will want to join your list to get the rest of the details.

Let’s take the example of the report with 9 calorie cutting strategies again. You might excerpt out all 9 ideas, but you remove some of the details. This way readers will get an article that tells them what to do, but they don’t get the exact instructions of how to do it. They’ll need to join your launch list to get those exact instructions.


3. Driving Traffic With Valuable Link Lists

People LOVE link lists because when done right, they help them save time when finding valuable information on a topic or subject they are interested in.

A link list can come in a variety of formats, including:

• A gear or equipment list. You could list the most valuable tools and resources you personally use and recommend to others. A list like this can save beginners a lot of hassle, because they don’t have to do as much research, and you can save them a lot of valuable time and money by helping them get it right the first time.

For example, you might list all the WordPress plugins you use on your blog. Or if you’re writing for weight lifters, you could share your goto list of all the “must use” supplements.

• A list of the top niche related free resources. Here you might link to videos, reports and expert’s blog posts, along with other free sources of content that will help your readers achieve some specific goal.

• A list of the best value paid resources. In this case, you could write a short review for each resource to let people know who can use it, why you prefer it, and its benefits.

• A list of the best free and paid resources. As an example, you could create “The Top 10 Resources Every Day Trader Should Read.”

The point of creating these lists is to save your reader time by doing a lot of of the research and legwork for them. As you’ll know yourself, it’s much easier to get quality recommendations and content all in one place from someone you trust, instead of having to find products and sources from all over the place.

These days having someone they trust separate the wheat from the chaff is a blessing for most time-poor, overwhelmed consumers.


4. Do Recaps Of Your Popular Recent Posts

The idea here is to build an “in case you missed it” list of your best or most popular blog posts of the last few weeks or months. Rather than just listing those blog posts, you could curate your own best content across platforms, including your social media accounts and newsletters, and put it into one place (on your blog).

Another way to do it is by curating your most popular content based on a very specific topic.

For example:

  • 6 Blog Posts That Will Change the Way You Think About Trading The Markets
  • The 3 Posts Every Skiing Beginner Ought to Read
  • The 5 Keys to Improving Your Baseball Score

To put this together, just write an intro to the post, list the resources along with a short paragraph explaining why people should read each one, and then wrap it up with a succinct conclusion and a call to action (like joining your product launch list to get more info maybe…)

Next up…

5. Driving Traffic By Interviewing Experts In Your Market

Interviewing other experts a great way to create content fast: just let them create hyper-targeted, relevant content for you.

To get started, create a list of questions and send it to potential interviewees by email and let their answers become your article. In exchange, your guest gets a byline with a link back to their site.

Here’s an example email you could send to arrange these interviews…

Subject Line: Hey [name[ I’d like to feature you on my blog

Hey [First Name],

It’s [Your Name] here and I run the popular [type of] blog over at [your domain]. Thought I’d drop you a line because I’d like to interview you and feature your interview on the blog.

The interview is just [small number] questions, so it would only take about [small number of minutes] to complete.

In return, you’ll get a byline in the article and link back to your site, along with exposure to the [number] people in my audience. I’ll also send a link to your article to my [number] of newsletter subscribers to maximise your exposure.

If this sounds like a great way to showcase your business to a targeted audience, just reply back and I’ll send over the questions right away.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Warm regards,

[Your Name]


This is important: the easier you make it for someone to comply with your request, the more likely they will say yes. So don’t expect your interviewee to spend hours answering questions. Instead, send a few quick questions their way so they can answer them in just a few minutes. Then if you want more info, send a couple of follow up questions.

Here’s why you want to keep it simple…

Once a person has answered your first few questions, they’ll tend to feel invested and committed to your project. So if you ask for 10 more minutes of their time to answer a couple additional questions, they’re quite likely to agree.

Here’s a great example: Bob Serling only asks his interviewees to answer ONE question, and it’s this:

“What’s your favorite business building strategy or technique that’s working well for you or your clients right now?”

Can you see how succinct and powerful that is?

It allows his guests to go anywhere their imagination takes them, while keeping them focused on only sharing the best ideas.

The added beauty of this approach to driving traffic is you can bask in the ‘halo effect’ of association with other experts in your market, and some of them may even become your Joint Venture partners during your launch.

6. Tweak One Of Your Previous Articles

The next idea is to comb through and find the most popular articles in your existing content, tweak them to freshen them up, and republish the new version.

Some examples might be:

  • If you’ve published a list of 10 tips previously, excerpt out 5 of the best tips, expand on them for clarity, and republish the new article
  • Update one of your older articles with new information. You could include new research that has come on the scene since you originally published the article, and let your newsletter subscribers know about the updated information
  • Maybe you’ve changed your mind about a product, idea or another topic? Go ahead and update an older article with your revised opinion and ideas

Those are just 3 ways you could take your existing content and quickly turn it into something new. If you get a little bit creative you may be able to come up with dozens of new articles from your old content.

7. Turn Your Existing Content Into A Powerful Infographic

Another great way to quickly create valuable content is to change your existing posts, videos and articles into a different format. And one way to do this is by turning them into a infographics.

Here are 3 examples of articles that would make good infographics:

  • An article discussing multiple ways to generate more subscribers to an email list
  • An article explaining how muscle confusion works
  • An article that talks about different household pests and how to eradicate them using organic or natural pest control methods

Just make sure your infographics include social media buttons next to them, because these are the kind of content people love to share with others.

As an example, because being able to create irresistible offers is so important to the success of your launch and your business’s future, I took an article I’d written earlier and created a Free Cheat Sheet that shows you how to create the perfect offer.

8. Ask For Content From A Product Vendor

Do you promote products or services an affiliate? If you do (and you should), a great way to quickly get your hands on some free content is by asking the product vendor to create it for you.

Your first stop is to check the merchant’s affiliate centre if they have one available (most do). That’s where the vendor has likely given affiliates all sorts of content, often including blog posts, videos, White Papers and successful ads.

The thing is, you want your content to be unique, right?

So don’t just go straight to the blog post category and copy and past those articles into your blog, because all the other affiliates are likely to have done that. Instead, look through the other content provided such as reports, emails and similar.

Look for something suitable, and then ask the vendor if you can modify it to use on your blog.

If you don’t find what you like within the affiliate center, then write to the vendor and ask for an article. The key here is that vendor is more likely to give you content – especially your own exclusive content – if you’ve already proven yourself by making a few affiliate sales.

TIP: Here’s a powerhouse combo you can use to promote affiliate products while getting unique content for free: ask the vendor if you could interview them.

Most product owners will be happy to get the exposure and extra sales. You can post a text interview, or you might even consider interviewing the vendor during a short webinar or podcast.

9. Create Multimedia Posts

Up to now we’ve been talking about how to quickly create text articles. However, you don’t need to write a single word if you don’t want to.

Instead of writing, pick up a camera to record a short video on a topic your audience will find helpful.

TIP: You can also just turn on a microphone (I use a Blue Yeti and it’s awesome) to do a quick podcast. You don’t even need expensive editing tools. A simple tool like Audacity will let you capture and edit audio for free.

You can get the latest version of Audacity at http://sourceforge.net/projects/audacity/files/

For example:

  • Use your smart phone and just spend 5 minutes talking about your top 5 weight loss tips
  • Film yourself at home trying out and reviewing a new product
  • Give a live on camera demo, such as how to teach a dog to come when he’s called
  • If you’d like to demonstrate something on your computer screen, such as how to set up an email autoresponder message, then use screen-recording software such as Camtasia (PC) or Screenflow (Mac)

Then just upload the video to YouTube.com (so you get greater exposure), and then post the embedded video on your blog with a short intro and summary, along with a call to action at the end.

Cool, you now have 9 blog post ideas for driving traffic to your product launch. And because you’ve made it this far and stuck with me, I wanted to reward you with a bonus idea that can really help you to create content quickly.

So here goes…

10. Copy And Paste Your Email Messages

One very good and often overlooked source for articles and other content are from your own email messages. Here I’m talking about 2 things:

1. If you broadcast an announcement, article, run a promotion or deliver other content to your mailing list, then put that same content on your blog as well.

TIP: Tell your newsletter readers you’re posting the content on your blog, and then encourage them to click through and discuss the topic.

You get many benefits from this.

  • Your email open rate and click through rate will improve
  • Your ISP will see your readers interacting with your messages and will be less likely to block their delivery
  • And the more your audience interacts with you, the more they are going to get to know and trust you, which should mean more sales over time

2. If you reply to a customer’s comment or question and you realize it would make a good post, then post it as an article. Of course you won’t use any of the customer’s identifying information, but you might say something like this at the beginning of the post…

“Nearly every week, the same question seems to pop up in my email from people just like you. Check out this post and see if you’ve been wondering about this topic too…”

To sum up…

As you can see, you don’t need to spend a lot of time or money creating great content to drive traffic for your launch. All you need is ten minutes or less, and you can have blog posts ready to go one after the other.

I’m betting you could create one of these awesome blog posts right now and get it up right away. Go ahead and see for yourself just how easy it is to create content quickly using these 10 ideas.

As you can see, the list you build during your product launch is going to require lots of visitor traffic, but having that list will give you the perfect springboard for creating a profitable, long-term, sustainable business for yourself and your family. To learn more about everything to do with launching your own product or service, check out Jeff Walker’s free Product Launch Masterclass here.

Talk soon,


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