Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula Masterclass #1 Replay Is Ready

Yesterday’s first live Product Launch Formula Masterclass lesson was awesome, as Jeff Walker spent nearly 3 hours live teaching the core strategy behind the most successful launches, and talking about:

  • WHY launches are still working so well…
  • WHAT you need to do to create your own successful product launch, and…
  • HOW to apply strategies such as his Sideways Sales Letter to your own business for maximum results!…

If you missed it (or if you want to watch it again), he’s put the replay up at this link. (Note: If you haven’t registered for the PLF training yet, you may have to register first to get access to the replay)

You can go and watch it right now… the video is at the top of this page.

During the lesson, Jeff shared a bunch of Case Studies of previous students who showed exactly how they used his PLF process to launch their own products. He’s broken out those Case Studies into individual videos… and they’re on the right side of the page.

This first lesson will be a game changer for a lot of people… and you might be one of them. Again, the highlight of this lesson is learning about the one core strategy behind the most successful launches.

CLICK HERE to watch the replay of Lesson One

Warm regards,

Rocky Tapscott

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