One Last Opportunity To Check Out The Product Launch Formula Case Studies

Because it’s the Cart Close day for the Product Launch Formula launch and there are sooooo many people making the final decision on joining PLF, I just wanted to be sure you knew about the Case Studies page I posted earlier this week.

It’s got over 60 incredible Case Studies from every kind of niche or market you can imagine.

There’s coaching and consulting… hobbies… physical products… professional services… business-to-business… artwork… wellness… and so many more.

People were super-inspired by these stories.

Jeff has had thousands of comments on the ones we showed during the live broadcasts…

Plus — the page has a really cool drop down menu, so you can filter the Case Studies by category (and there is a buy button on that page).

And while I think they’re ALL amazing, this is a great way for your fence sitters to save time and find something specifically relevant to them when there’s only hours left before the cart closes.

Here’s your link to the Case Studies page.

I hope you find these stories as inspirational as I did,

Warm regards,


P.S. As a Product Launch Formula owner and user since 2008 and one of Jeff’s affiliate partners, I may receive a commission from Jeff if you invest in his program at the end of the Masterclass – but it won’t cost you anything extra.

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