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Check Out Lesson 2 In Jeff Walkers Product Launch Masterclass

Lesson 2 of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Masterclass was epic. This one’s all about Your Launch Path and covers the three primary types of launches – the Seed Launch, the Internal Launch, and the Joint Venture (or JV) Launch – and how to know which one you should use in your specific situation.

Here’s the link to the broadcast:

CLICK HERE for the Concierge page

Plus, Jeff covered Launch Stacking and the “Circle of Awesome”.

There’s a ton of goodies for you to check out on that Concierge page. That’s where you can grab the PDF downloads that go with each lesson… plus, he’s just added a bunch of Case Studies, including:

Anne, who started her business at an age most people are retiring – and raked in six figures in her first year

Elliott, who’s been bringing in more per month than many people’s annual salary… and he only started in March

So go check out lesson 1 and lesson 2… you’ll find all the goodies on the Concierge page:

CLICK HERE for the Concierge page

Definitely bookmark that page, if you haven’t already. It has the schedule for the live Masterclass lessons, plus all the links you need, and I’m going to keep adding goodies there.

I’d love to hear what you think of the Masterclass.

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