Check Out The New Condensed Product Launch Masterclass

Jeff Walker is deep into the heart of his Product Launch Masterclass and the judging by the feedback people are loving it (there are 18,747 comments… and counting)!

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However the problem for many people has been they haven’t had the time to watch all of the training because there’s over 9 hours of content available so far.

With this in mind, Jeff’s team have created a condensed, super-tight video series that compresses PLF’s core ideas into one Netflix-style, bingeworthy set of videos.

This special Launch Workshop will get you caught up on the Masterclass strategies, tools, and tactics real fast – in about an hour. Check it out now:

CLICK HERE to watch the Condensed Launch Masterclass

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Rocky Tapscott

P.S. Even though the condensed Launch Masterclass is a quick watch, it’s only going to be around for a few days.

So be sure you check it out now… while you still can:

CLICK HERE to watch the Condensed Launch Masterclasss

Disclaimer: If you purchase PLF through my affiliate link I may receive a referral fee from Jeff Walker, however you will pay no more to purchase the program through me than if you went directly to the Product Launch Formula website. If you would like my personal help as you create your first launch using the PLF process, check out my PLF Bonus offer here.

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